“Does it suddenly get better because I got a lesson from Kang Jung-ho?” Lee Dae-ho questioned, dinosaurs 36-year-old hitting king ‘Neatly organized’

Kang Jung-ho (37, individual coach) who left the KBO League has become a hot topic of off-season in the KBO League. When Son A-seop (36, NC Dinos) re-established his batting performance after visiting Kang’s baseball academy in LA in January last year and swept away the top hitters, most hits, and Golden Glove, the designated hitter in the 2023 season, everyone started to pay attention to Kang.

In fact, Kim Jae-hwan (36, Doosan Bears), who has been sluggish for the past two years, returned from training at Kang Jung-ho Academy until the end of last year after giving up his inactive period. A new year has dawned, and Park Se-hyuk (34, NC Dinos), Han Dong-hee (25, Lotte Giants), and Jung Hoon (37, Lotte Giants) will go to Kang one after another. Of course, Son A-seop will go again in mid-January.

This is not the first time that such a phenomenon has occurred. Some players had hired individual coaches for training in off-season for several years. Unlike in the past, this era does not allow players to take a bad look at training with individual coaches in off-season. Son’s opinion is that it is important for players who accept the situation to organize them well.

There is no need to trust Kang. Kang also says, “I can’t do well on every player.” However, players who have attended Kang’s school say they can trust him. Kim Jae-hwan confessed that he liked seeing Kang not simply coach through his own experiences, but study the players in detail and think about them together. Kang has shown his YouTube videos where he consistently studies batting theory.

Lee Dae-ho asked Son A-seop, who appeared on his YouTube channel “RE:DAEHO” on Wednesday. “But how can you suddenly like Kang just because he taught you how to do it?” Lee said. “I’m sure he had an opportunity to solidify your mind.” 실시간 바카라사이트

Son A-seop strongly agreed with Lee Dae-ho’s mention of “confidence.” First of all, he said, “I wasn’t interested in video analysis, but the video was so different from what I thought. I thought I was playing like I used to, but when I watched the video, my form was collapsed. I was primarily surprised. And Jung Ho let me find my swing when I liked it.”

In fact, all clubs do it up to this point. In other words, Son was stubborn. But Son said, “After learning from Kang Jung-ho, I will go there when everything is good. It is the direction. It provides a good direction on how to hit the ball to increase the probability. After all, it was the player himself who was eating, and it was helpful to remind him of what he had forgotten.”

To sum up Son’s story, Kang will logically suggest a direction suitable for the player. Kang said he is confident in this one thing. Instead, the player himself should make efforts to go in that direction.

Neither do we need to trust nor underestimate the effectiveness of individual coaches during off-season. Baseball is up to the players themselves. Kang’s school is nothing very special. However, the effect that gives confidence based on direction is being revealed one after another.

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