Enters NC-SSG semi-PO in Incheon on the 22nd

The first round of the semi-playoff (semi-PO, three wins out of five) between SSG Landers and NC Dinos will be played as a starting match between Roenis Elias and Shin Min-hyuk.

SSG and NC will play the first semi-PO match at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 22nd.

The two teams competed for the “third place” until the final day of the regular season. The winner was SSG.

SSG, which ranked third, went straight to the semi-PO, and NC advanced to the semi-PO after a wild card game against the fifth-ranked Doosan Bears.

Now, they are competing for a playoff (PO, three wins out of five) ticket.

SSG played ace Elias. 토토사이트

Elias joined SSG as a substitute this year, posting an 8-6 record with a 3.70 ERA in 22 games.

He appeared in three games against NC, leaving one crew loss and an ERA of 7.53. On August 9, the first meeting, he pitched well with two hits and one run in six innings, but struggled with eight hits (one homer) and five runs and four earned runs in three innings on the 3rd. On the 8th, he was also hit hard by NC with nine hits (two home runs) and seven runs in five ⅓ innings.

Shin Min-hyuk, who will play his first fall baseball game since joining the pro league in 2020, took the heavy role of starting the first round of the semi-PO.

Shin Min-hyuk has 5 wins, 5 losses and a 3.98 ERA in 29 games this year. In the game against SSG, he appeared four times and posted an ERA of 6.57 without winning or losing.

NC failed to bring out foreign pitcher Eric Peddy card again this time. Peddy is an ace who achieved a pitcher triple crown with 20 wins, 6 losses and a 2.00 ERA this season, dominating all of the wins, ERA, and strikeouts (209).

However, on the 16th, the last appearance of the season, he was hit on the forearm by a training pitch against the KIA Tigers. He avoided major injuries, but it is not easy to pitch for the time being.

NC coach Kang In-kwon said after winning the wild card game on the 19th, “Peddy is recovering little by little day. “I think we need to decide when to take the mound after watching the condition more,” he said, but for now, the mound for the first round of the semi-PO was left to Shin Min-hyuk.

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