ERA in 10-win and 3-point range starts 4 times, and Dodgers’ ‘All-time-class’ starters are dignified

The LA Dodgers’ stove league, which sweeps Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the top two players in the Major League transfer market, is nearing an end. It has successfully set up a all-time rotation by reinforcing three big-time starting pitchers alone. The Dodgers’ biggest concern this season was its starting pitcher’s mound. Julio Urías, the ace pitcher with an ERA of two points for two consecutive seasons with a total of 37 wins, fell into a swamp of slump, and completely exited the team after committing domestic violence again. Walker Buehler, who injured his elbow the previous year, spent the entire season under surgical rehabilitation, while Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May were also put on the surgery table. Prospective baseball players continued to endure the regular season, but suffered bitter taste in fall baseball as the team collapsed with an ERA of 6.58 in three games.

The Dodgers opened its wallet without hesitation after sharpening its sword. Shohei Ohtani’s contract with him for 700 million dollars on Tuesday was not the end. Shortly after acquiring Tyler Glasnow as a trade deal on Tuesday, the Dodgers acquired a massive extension contract, and on Tuesday reported that Yamamoto had 12 years and 325 million dollars. The Dodgers poured 1.161.5 billion dollars into the three players alone.

Although Ohtani may be wary of him, both Glasnow and Yamamoto are capable of playing the first half of the rotation. Glasnow, whose main weapon is a fastball with a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour, is considered to be among the best in the big leagues with pure ball power. In the case of Yamamoto, his performance in the Japanese professional baseball (NPB) is exceptional among pitchers who have advanced to the Major League in the past.

The rotation for the opening of the 2024 season has already been revealed. Buehler, Yamamoto, and Glasnow will be the starters, while Shinsung Bobby Miller, who has earned 10 wins and 3 points in his first year in the big league, will likely follow suit. The theory of fifth starter also mentions Emmett Sheehan, who just joined the Major League. Glasnow, born in 1993, is the oldest among the five pitchers in the team. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

He is also expected to join the team in the future. Veteran Clayton Kershaw, who underwent shoulder surgery last month, is undergoing rehabilitation to return to the mound next summer. Although he has failed to meet the required innings since 2019, he is still a competitive card considering left-hander scarcity and records. The fact that the Texas Rangers are openly interested in him shows signs of interest. There is also a possibility that Ohtani will return to the mound in the 2025 season. The possibility of additional reinforcement through means such as trade cannot be ruled out. Milwaukee Brewers Corbin Burns and Chicago White Sox Dylan Seas, who had been constantly rumored to be recruited, are mentioned.

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