Eriksen Degraded Man U.S. Releases Resources…”Bridge Tastes” Internal Evaluation

England’s “Football Insider” said on the 9th (Korea time), “Manchester United is willing to sell Eriksen in January as they prepare to recruit another superstar. According to sources, Manchester United feels that Eriksen’s legs are “tasting,” and Eriksen is having a hard time keeping up with the intensity of the Premier League.”

He continued, “Eriksen’s future is highly questionable. He has been sidelined since last month due to a knee injury he sustained against Luton Town. Manchester United’s coaches judge that Eriksen is not playing very well. We will listen to offers from various clubs in the upcoming transfer window.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Eriksen displayed great performances during his time with Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur. Then he moved to Inter Milan, where something serious happened during the last Euro 2020. Eriksen collapsed on the ground due to an acute heart attack during the match and was taken to a hospital before being put on an ICD (inserted cardiac defibrillator). He has faced a major crisis in his career.

Eriksen made a comeback by moving to Brentford after a painful rehabilitation process, and even joined Manchester United last summer. He then scored two goals and 10 assists in 44 games in the 2022-23 season, and his form was greatly reduced after he suffered an ankle injury in the FA Cup Reading after playing well until the middle of the season.

It is even worse this season. Unlike last season, he had one goal and two assists, which significantly reduced his offensive points, and his performance was often not good. In addition, he suffered an injury in the 12th round of the Premier League against Luton and has been unable to play until now.

While Eriksen’s contract period is until June 2025, Manchester United wants to sell it through the upcoming winter transfer market. The club currently on the table is Saudi Arabia’s Al Ahli, with a transfer fee of 20 million euros (about 28.5 billion won).

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