Eriksen, who lived and died… “Rockier, you must respect decision-making.”

Lockyer collapsed due to cardiac arrest during the game. He suffered a heart attack during the 18th round against AFC Bournemouth in the 2023-24 English Premier League season on the 17th. Lockyer, who collapsed alone near the halfway line in the 14th minute of the second half, fortunately escaped the worst thanks to the quick treatment of the medical staff.

He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital on a ventilator, and is recovering from the care of his family. He is still hospitalized and is still undergoing tests. “We thank the medical staff of both teams. We also thank everyone for their concern and support,” Luton Town said on the club’s website after Luton’s condition improved.

However, it is the second time that Lockyer has had a cardiac arrest. Lockyer suffered from arrhythmia even during the final against Coventry City in the English Championship promotion playoff last season. He returned after successful surgery, but suffered cardiac arrest again in half a year, causing regret.

Eriksen has a unique feeling to watch as he faces difficulties due to a series of heart problems. Eriksen also suffered a heart attack during a match against Finland at the Euro 2020 group stage. His heart stopped for as long as five minutes, but he saved his life and returned to the ground after inserting a defibrillator into his heart. 카지노사이트 순위

Eriksen is showing off his skills without strain. After returning to the Premier League under a contract with Brentford, Eriksen has been a key midfielder of Manchester United since last season. Eriksen was also aware of Lockyer’s situation.

He supported Lockyer with all his heart through “Betfred.” Eriksen said, “First of all, I hope Lockyer is okay. I checked through an article about what happened. I hope to take some time and come back healthy.”

“My advice is to respect the decision of the medical staff. If a doctor tells you to do something else, you should respect it and know how to look at what you can do,” he said, referring to an important point.

“In the end, you have to follow your thoughts and doctor’s diagnosis,” Eriksen said. “Of course, Lockyer has to make a decision with his family, but he needs to take some time to focus on himself.”

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