Even in the fall baseball, the atmosphere of the portrait house…NC-Doosan, so you don’t know who will win

The 2023 KBO League regular season has come to an end. After the final match on the 17th, the ranking of the 10 teams was finalized. I was suffocating until the end. The 3rd to 5th place rankings that can determine the fate of autumn baseball have not been decided. The Doosan Bears were pushed back by confirming fifth place on the 16th, and SSG Landers dramatically pushed the NC Dinos to fourth place on the last day of the 17th and won a direct ticket to the semi-playoff.

The feeling of the difference between heaven and earth. SSG, the unified winner last season, which fell to sixth place, must have felt as if they had won the championship with a dramatic third place. On the contrary, it seemed to have taken the third place, but NC and Doosan, which have to play a burdensome wild card game, are a portrait house. It’s too futile because he put in a lot of energy at the end of the season to finish third, and he didn’t get anything. 스포츠토토

NC actually had the best atmosphere ahead of the last two consecutive games against the KIA Tigers. He was in third place and seemed to be able to win relatively easily against KIA, which was eliminated from autumn baseball. Pedi started the first game on the 16th with 20 wins and 200 strikeouts. However, when he lost the Peddy game, the atmosphere quickly subsided. To make matters worse, Peddy was hit by a pitch on his right arm throwing the ball, making it difficult to play in the wild card game. Even in the semi-playoffs, there is no guarantee. His knee hurts until Park Kun-woo, the main gun.

Doosan is also depressed. He lost both games against SSG and finished the worst. Coach Lee Seung-yeop’s entry into the fall baseball league in his first season can be said to be a success, but the wild card game is too difficult for the fifth-place team to pass. You have to fight with one loss in the original standstill. However, Doosan players are very tired as they run toward the end of the season.

Now, the two teams will play the first round of the wild card game at Changwon NC Park on the 19th. The victory or defeat is expected to be determined by which team quickly reverses the down atmosphere and hits enthusiastically.

The advantage is NC. As mentioned above, you only need to win one of the two games. Since the introduction of the wild card system in 2015, there has never been a case in which a fifth-place team has defeated a fourth-place team. There were only one win and one loss out of eight games. The pressure to win two consecutive games dominates the fifth-place team.

However, looking at the starting rotation, there is hope for Doosan as well. NC has no pedi. If you only pass the first game Tanner, you can gain confidence that it is worth a try because Song Myung-ki is the expected starter for the second game of NC. Doosan is confirmed to rotate with Kwak Bin in Game 1 and Brandon in Game 2. Considering the name value and this season’s performance alone, it is safe to say that Doosan leads the starting battle.

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