“Failed to secure position due to injury and transfer to the Korean national team”

“Lee Kang-in, who has not secured a clear position in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), may return to Mallorca as a loan,” Spanish media “Pichahes” reported on the 14th.

Lee Kang-in left Mallorca in July and joined PSG. PSG expressed high expectations for Lee Kang-in by boldly investing 22 million euros (about 31.2 billion won).

He has yet to show a performance that meets expectations. Lee Kang-in played only three games in all competitions this season. In terms of playing time, it is only 143 minutes.

It was an injury that caught Lee Kang-in’s ankle. Lee Kang-in suffered a left thigh injury in the second round of the league against Toulouse. A four-week absence was expected to be inevitable for recovery. 온라인경마

Shortly after recovering from his injury, he participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games as a member of the South Korean national soccer team. After winning the Asian Games, he immediately went on a tight schedule to join the A national team.

While Lee Kang-in was absent, PSG confirmed the best Eleven to some extent. Usman Dembele took over on the right side where Lee Kang-in was active, Manuel Ugarte and Warren Zairemery took the main role in the midfield.

Even if he returns to PSG, he cannot guarantee his playing time. “Lee Kang-in’s performance is not as successful as expected. Lee Kang-in’s playing time this season is only 143 minutes,” Pichahes pointed out.

“We have not secured a noticeable position due to injuries and the transfer of the Korean national team. Lee Kang-in’s contribution to PSG’s attack was not enough to persuade Luis Enrique, he pointed out.

The unstable position has spread to rumors of a transfer. According to the report, Mallorca, who is struggling with offense this season, is positive about Lee Kang-in’s return.

It is not yet likely that the lease will take place in January next year. Lee Kang-in’s potential is still high. As it has not properly competed for the starting lineup, it is expected that it will be able to take opportunities in PSG in the future.

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