Going straight to the quarterfinals.”

The South Korean women’s basketball team, led by head coach Jeong Sun-min, beat Taiwan 87-59 in the third Group C match of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China, on the 1st.

For South Korea, Kim Dan-bi (Woori Bank) scored 18 points, including two three-point shots, and Park Ji-hyun (Woori Bank) also added strength with 15 points and 11 rebounds. Lee Hae-ran (Samsung Life Insurance) also scored double-digit points with 11 points. Jinan (BNK), who was in charge of under the basket, did his part with 14 points and eight rebounds.

Considering the quarterfinals, three of the 12 players in the national team, Park Ji-soo (KB), Lee Kyung-eun (Shinhan Bank) and Kang Yoo-rim (Samsung Life Insurance), took a rest. Jihyun Shin (Hana One Q) played only for a short time in the fourth quarter.

The initial atmosphere was good in Taiwan. Taiwan also led 12-5, with Chen Wei-yan, who had a good shot sense, taking charge of the inside and outside. South Korea, which had been slowing down a bit, followed by consecutive scores by Kim Dan-bi, Park Ji-hyun, and Yang In-young (Hana One Q). While Taiwan repeated turnovers, Lee Hae-ran also joined the fast-attack score and succeeded in turning the tables 17-16.

Based on this, Korea led 21-18 in the first quarter, and Lee Hae-ran and Ahn Hye-ji entered the second quarter 바카라사이트

(BNK) led the atmosphere with consecutive three-point shots. He also allowed Taiwan to chase for a while, but succeeded in widening the gap between five and six points again as Kang Yi-seul (KB Kookmin Bank), Kim Dan-bi and Yang In-young put in outer shots.

South Korea, which passed 45-37 in the first half without a major crisis, opened the third quarter with Jinan’s goal under the basket. As Taiwan chased a little, Kim Dan-bi scored eight points alone, including two three-point shots, giving him a clear victory. In the fourth quarter, Kim Jihyun Shin (Hana One Q), who had been resting all the time, finished with ease.

South Korea, which previously beat Thailand by 34 points and beat North Korea, advanced to the quarterfinals with three consecutive group stage wins. Women’s basketball is aiming for the top of the tournament nine years after winning the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

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