Golf course charged with increasing hazardous storage without permit

Golf course officials who increased the storage capacity of a hazardous water reservoir without local authorization have been handed over to prosecutors.The Anti-Corruption and Economic Crime Investigation Unit 1 of the Jeonnam National Police Agency sent five officials of a golf course in Naju, Jeolla Province, to prosecutors on Thursday for allegedly violating the Land Planning Act.The five golf course officials, including CEO A, are accused of increasing the storage capacity of the hazard from 18,000 tons to 68,000 tons last year without approval from Naju City.

The golf course, which opened with 36 holes in 2011, was investigated for illegal development activities in the process of adding nine holes. Naju City inspected the site and filed a police complaint against A and others after an agricultural reservoir downstream of the reservoir faced difficulties in securing water, sparking a community controversy.In addition to the police complaint, the city issued an administrative penalty 슬롯게이밍 to the golf course for restoration.

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