Good news for ‘challenge to win’ Cleansmanho… “Asian Cup introduces semi-automatic offside reading like WC”

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) said on the 19th (Korea Standard Time), “AFC will apply the semi-automatic offside system for the first time in the world’s men’s intercontinental cup at the 2023 Asian Cup Qatar,” adding, “We will provide the best performance by assisting Video Reading (VAR) through SAOT.”

Semi-automatic offside reading technology received much attention at the World Cup in Qatar. The semi-automatic offside reading technology, which was first introduced at the time, was a method in which sensors embedded in the official ball detect every 500th of a second, and at the same time, 12 special cameras for motion tracking installed in the stadium check a player’s body.

Artificial intelligence analyzes such data and determines whether the data is offside or not. The result is finally approved by the referee and released on the electronic display board, allowing audiences and viewers to immediately know the result. FIFA once said that the system reduced the time taken to read offside from 70 seconds to 25 seconds. 바카라사이트

In fact, semi-automatic offside reading technology reduced misjudgment by catching many offside throughout the Qatar event. Notably, the winner Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia 1-2 as it caught offside more than three times in the opening match.

In many ways, the semi-automatic offside reading has significantly reduced the misjudgment in the World Cup. However, unlike VAR, which was widespread right after the World Cup in Russia, semi-automatic offside systems have not yet been introduced in each league, but will be seen again in the Asian Cup.

The Qatar Asian Cup will be held from Jan. 12 to Feb. 10, 2024. Korea, which belongs to Group E, will play three matches each against Bahrain on Jan. 15, Jordan on Jan. 20, and Malaysia on Jan. 25. If it advances to the final, it will have its finale on Feb. 10 at Lusail Stadium.

Unlike the World Cup, in the Asian Cup, where South Korea is the favorite to win, there is a variable that allows counterattacks to teams that play defensively. In fact, even though South Korea dominated the Asian Cup, it often collapsed with the opponent’s offensive.

Such a variable has been eliminated due to the semi-automatic offside system. “We will introduce the semi-automatic offside system to the intercontinental cup to show better performance,” AFC President Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa promised, “We will provide the best performance to players through the latest technological innovation.”

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