The Chuck Wagon race, invented in 1923 at Stampede, Calgary, involves several teams of horses racing along the track from the figure eight course to the finish line. Several other rodeos in western Canada also adopted the event. More than 70 horses have died in the Calgary Stampede Chuck Wagon race since VHS began tracking deaths in 1986, mainly due to stress-induced crash injuries and heart attacks. In the past 20 years, it was only three years in 2003, 2004, and 2016 that racing did not cause horse deaths.

Chuck Wagon Race is a riding rodeo sport that goes around the track on a Chuck Wagon led by a team of Thoroughbred horses. The sport is most popular in Canada’s Prairie region, where the World Professional Chuck Wagon Association and the Canadian Professional 온라인경마 Chuck Wagon Association are located. The world’s most famous Chuck Wagon race is held annually in Stampede, Calgary, with a total prize of more than $2 million for the 10-day event. The WPCA submits 25 drivers to Calgary, and the CPCA submits 11 drivers. The sport is controversial because horses and drivers were injured or killed, and animal welfare groups are calling for it to be banned.

Because the structure of the chuck wagon race is inherently dangerous due to the high speed and proximity of the horse and carriage to each other, there is also a risk of a chain reaction if a horse falls or is injured. Using purebred racehorses at the event was another concern with animal scientist Dr. Temple Grandin pointed out that Thoroughred is prone to leg injuries because it often overbreeds for speed rather than skeletal strength.

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