How did it affect the decision to reopen the casino?

Game management is essential to our tribe. Our CFO, Tribal Council and I met almost every day and planned how we would reopen. We understood that game management should be done safely, complex, and involve health officials. Our Tribal Council created a task force consisting of officials from the Marim Health & Wellness Center, including doctors.

Fortunately, there is a beautiful community health center that is famous nationwide. We said we need to sit down with them and discuss how to open and what to do. The task force toured the resort, identified areas that needed to add markings for the six-foot distance, walked around the restaurant, identified the best way to seat a space, helped with the supply of masks, showed how to measure the temperature, and advised them on what additional steps they could take to protect their staff and customers. 슬롯머신

We tried to figure out the steps, reviewed the CDC and federal guidelines, and also referenced the Win Las Vegas Health and Hygiene Program guidelines. We looked at all of these protocols and modified them according to our property.

We also looked at local and regional data, and we found that COVID-19 levels in rural areas were very low compared to hotspots like Seattle and other densely populated metropolitan areas. We understood that we had to make careful, data-driven decisions regarding case counts, hospitalizations, and recoveries. From these numbers, we felt justified that we could open it if we had safety protocols in place. As a sovereign nation, we thought gaming was a must, so we set up a phased opening for reservations, and so we opened the door. This was an important message to the community, staff, and tribal members.

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