1. Player Buys Chips
    How to Play Blackjack – The Buy-in
    The dealer will arrange the purchase of the felt so that the camera can clearly see the amount. So this is what you’re buying for $1000. You need a chip before you play at the table. Most casinos will no longer allow “cash play” bets, so you’ll have to have the dealer exchange your money for a casino chip. You can go up to the table and put the money on the felt table. Do not hand money to the dealer. They won’t be paid. For security reasons, delegates cannot pull anything out of the 스포츠토토 competitor’s hands, and vice versa. Once you bet on the felt, the dealer will put the money on the table for the camera so you can clearly see how much it is and the pit boss will come and check the amount. The dealer will calculate the same chip amount as the amount you purchased and push the chip to you. Now you can handle the chips and make a bet. The dealer will arrange the purchase of the felt so that the camera can clearly see the amount. So this is what you’re buying for $1000.
  2. Player Places a Wager
    The first thing you do at first is to bet on a betting circle. There will be a small sign on the far right or left of the table that tells you what the betting limit is. Most tables in the United States will require at least $5 per person, but the minimum and maximum bets you can make will vary depending on which casino you go to and the regulatory environment in which the casino is located.
  3. Dealer Deals Cards to Players
    After making a bet, the delegate will point one card up to each player on the table and then handle it clockwise with the card facing down. She will then give each player one more card face, and one more card up for herself. Each player has two cards in front of him, and the dealer has one card up and one card down. It should be similar to the picture below. It’s time to play the game!
  4. Player decides how to play hand
    The delegate will start with the person on the left (also known as “first base”) and wait for the player to perform his or her role. There are two cards in front of you when you make a bet. To play with your hands, first add the card value together and get a sum of hands between 4 and 21. If you get 10 value cards and aces with the first two cards, it means you got a blackjack! Congratulations! Dealers will be paid 3-2 (or 1.5x the bet) immediately without going through the round unless they have a blackjack. If a dealer has a blackjack, you won’t win anything, you won’t lose your original bet. It is called “push.” If there is no blackjack and the delegate does not have a blackjack, the delegate will point to each player in succession and wait until they decide how to play. When it’s your turn, you’ll have to make a decision using the appropriate hand signals. The camera must also confirm your decision, so the dealer will not respond to your verbal instructions. There are five ways to do handwork.

Stand – If the first two cards are available, they can stand and the delegates will move on to the next player.

Hand signals to the stand
Hit – To use more cards to improve the sum of your hands, the dealership will offer more cards, one at a time, until you select “Burst” (21 or more) or Clerk. There is no limit to the number of cards available (21 cards in total).

Manual signal on hit
Double Down – If you have a sum in your favor but need to take an additional card, it can be twice the initial bet and the dealership will only offer one additional card. [Hand signal: Place the same bet on the left side of the original bet, indicating that the dealer may give one more card and not take another card] Note: Most casinos also allow “double for less.” In other words, there is no need to make a bet equivalent to the original bet. But mathematically speaking, doubling for a small amount is never a better decision than doubling for an entire amount. Therefore, even if the casino allows it, it is not recommended to “double for a small amount.”

Hand signal for double down
a doubled hand
Split – If you have traded a pair (two cards of the same value), you can make a second bet, and the dealer will split the two cards to make each card the first of the two new cards. This also applies to face cards. You can split the hand that consists of a king and a jack. Because they both have the same value. Even if it’s not really a pair. [Manual signal: The second bet is the same as the first bet. Then give a “peace sign” to indicate that you want to split without doubling. Delegates to take both hands out of the first hand will each receive a second card.

Hand signal for segmentation
Hand after split
Surrender – If you don’t like your initial hand, you have the option to give up half of your original bet in return. [Hand signal: Draw a line on the felt behind the bet as if you were cutting a hole in the felt with an imaginary knife. Dealers often mistake this signal for a “hit” signal. For safety, always verbally tell the delegates the word “surrender” and then signal the felt for the camera]

Hand Signal for Surrender

  1. Dealer Plays Hand
    I know what you think, “Oh my God, that’s a lot of options, how do I know which is the best option?” Well, it depends on the dealer’s “up card” .

a basic strategy
Based on what the delegates are showing and what they are holding in their hands, they make choices that follow the basic strategy. The basic strategy is a mathematically optimal play method for all combinations of player hands and dealer up cards. The game was created by a computer that plays millions of rounds of blackjacks and decided on the best way to play each hand combination based on what works best for the player most often. If you follow the basic strategy, it excludes speculation from the decision! Phew!

Player hand resolution
Following the basic strategy and using one of the five options listed above, one of three occurs.

Immediate response – I was helped to say that cards should not be taken out of the basic strategy.
You held hands – you took more cards, your total of hands achieved less than 21, and it didn’t break.
Your hand movement is over – you have chosen to hit your hand more than once and “crush” it or give up your hand. If your hand explodes, the bet loses immediately. This is why casinos have the upper hand in games. The player must act first. That way, even if the dealer eventually goes bankrupt like you, they still have your money because you went bankrupt first.

If your hand is not broken and you have not surrendered, it is now the dealer’s turn to use it. The delegate will first flip the “Hall Card” and add 2 more cards. If the dealer’s hand sum is greater than or equal to 17, it will automatically stand. Delegates to receive an additional heat card if the total hand is less than 16 Doubling, splitting or surrendering is not allowed by the delegate and the delegate cannot choose how to touch it like the player. Delegates should always deal with it the same way. The only exception is if the delegate has 17 consisting of an ace and 6. This is called ‘soft 17’, and depending on the casino, this hand can also be counted as 7 (due to the flexible value of the ace), giving the dealer a chance to get a better hand than 17. This gives the casino a greater advantage than if the dealer is standing on all 17. Whether or not the delegate will hit Soft 17 is usually visible in text on the felt, so the delegate can expect to do their part. Again, dealers have no option to deviate from the rules set by the casino.

  1. Payouts
    Okay, we have now completed the handwork and the dealership has completed the handwork according to the above restrictions. One of the two things will happen.

Dealers will go bankrupt, and they will even pay money (one times the bet) to each hand still playing on the table. Or…
Delegates to shake hands (17 – 21) If your hand is still valid, it’s a simple fight over who has the higher hand. If the dealer is in a better position, the bet will be swept away. If you have a higher hand, the dealer pays you one times your bet. If you and the dealer have the same total amount, it is considered a “push” and you have the money, but you don’t get paid for the bet.
The round is over now! That’s it. The cards are swept away and you start another round.

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