Hwang Sun-hong’s ‘Invasion of France’ shakes legend Henri, two Korean rabbits ‘harvested’

France was shaken by the ‘invasion of France’ of the ‘Hwang Sun Hong’. The South Korean Olympic team caught two rabbits with the victory over France.

South Korea’s U-22 national team, led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong, won a 3-0 victory in a friendly match against France’s U-21 team at Stade Osean in Le Havre, France, on the 21st Korea time. Jung Sang-bin Minnesota, who plays for Major League Soccer MLS, scored multiple goals and led his team to victory. Hong Yoon-sang Pohang Steelers also helped by scoring a wedge goal. 안전놀이터

Destroy France with ‘Fantastic Free Kick Goal’ Jung Sang-bin multi-goal, which Angry also admitted

The game also drew attention in France. France assigned ‘Legend’ coach Thierry Henry to take the helm ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics in his country. Coach Henri has started a number of players playing for prestigious clubs such as Matisse Tell Bayern Munich and Bradley Barcola Paris Saint-Germain.

I opened the lid. The tight “0” game was broken in the 25th minute of the second half. South Korea scored the first goal. At the start of the second half, Jung Sang-bin, who was replaced, opened the scoring. When Hong Yoon-sang got a free kick opportunity, he went out as a kicker himself. He shook France’s net with his right foot strongly behind the penalty arc. Chung Sang-bin, who was in the mood, scored an additional goal nine minutes later. The French goalkeeper and defense failed to handle Cho Hyun-taek’s cross properly. Jung Sang-bin did not miss the opponent’s mistake and completed the scoring.

South Korea won the game with Hong Yoon-sang’s wedge goal in the extra time. Hong Yoon-sang scored the gap when a mistake was made between the opposing goalkeeper and the defender in the French camp.

French media Football Mercato said, “Coach Anri is experiencing the first storm. He was humiliated and ridiculed. Henri allowed five runs during this A-match. He criticized that he failed to score a goal even though he put in a clear talent that stood out.

After the match, Henri said, “The free-kick goal in Korea was beautiful, but I could not concede the other two.” It’s a defeat that hurt us a lot. The performance was disappointing. We will have to ask ourselves questions. Unfortunately, we have not been able to carry out everything. By March next year, it will be at the level of U-23 U-23, not U-21. You have to set a goal. It’s not good to end the year like this,” he said.

10 consecutive Olympic challenges, confidence + athlete inspection harvest

The goal of “Hwang Sun Hong Ho” is clear. It is the 10th consecutive Olympics. Since the 1988 Seoul Olympics, South Korea has already held the world record of “most consecutive Olympic appearances” 9 times. He aims to advance to the finals of the 10th consecutive tournament through the Paris competition. For this, there is a gateway that must be passed. It is the final Asian qualifying round for the Paris Olympics and the Asian Football Confederation AFC Under-23 U-23 Asian Cup to be held in Qatar in April next year. The top three teams in the tournament will be given direct tickets to the Olympic finals. 4th place will be decided through the 4th place in the African qualifying round and the intercontinental playoff. Starting with the draw ceremony to be held in Doha, Qatar on the 23rd, the race will begin in earnest. Korea belongs to port 2.

The French expedition was designed to prepare for the AFC U-23 Asian Cup. Earlier on the 18th, “Hwang Sun-hong Ho” drew 0-0 in a friendly match with Le Havre AC, a member of French League 1. South Korea will receive one win, one draw, and a brilliant report card in the away match in France. The players gained confidence as well as experience in the French expedition.

Above all, the biggest harvest is player inspection. Hwang Sun-hong has been preparing for two competitions, the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Paris Olympics. The Asian Games and the Olympics are different from the beginning. When he was in Hangzhou, he was able to participate since he was born in 1999. Paris can start from the year 2001. The central axis of “Hwangseon Hongho” itself changes. In other words, a “new frame” for Paris is essential. Moreover, it is unclear whether the AFC U-23 tournament will be convened overseas in April next year. Ahead of the French expedition, head coach Hwang said, “It is uncertain to call overseas players next year, so this call-up list was selected mainly by domestic league players. This is why he said, “We have minimized overseas players.” Coach Hwang selected and tested new faces such as Kim Ji-soo Brentford, Kim Sun-ho Bucheon FC, and Lee Kang-hee Gyeongnam FC.

Hwang tested his players in two friendly matches in France. All but Jang Si-young Ulsan Hyundai were deployed out of a total of 24 people called up for this expedition. From coach Hwang’s point of view, it was an opportunity to expand the player’s “pool.”

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