Hyundai Steel’s men’s archery team competes with comedian Min-kyung Kim in a ‘final showdown’

Hyundai Steel [004020] announced the ‘final showdown’ between the Hyundai Steel men’s archery team and comedian Kim Min-kyung through its official YouTube channel on the 18th. They announced that they had released the video.The Hyundai Steel archery team and Kim Min-kyung had a unique archery match.

Hyundai Steel reported that the highlight of the game was the contest in which the contestants hit 1.5cm-sized almonds with a bow.This video consists of a total of 13 videos, including a 30-minute full version, 8 short-form videos that collect only the highlights, binge-watching of each sport, and behind-the-scenes stories. Kim Min-kyung showed off her outstanding skills in various sports through entertainment programs, such as ‘General Min-kyung’ Got nicknames like Last year, he was selected as a member of the national shooting team and participated in an international shooting competition.Hyundai Steel’s men’s archery team is the first in the world to 카지노사이트킹 produce gold medalists in three consecutive Olympic Games (2012, 2016, and 2021 Olympics).

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