“I don’t know anyone.” 158km + 19-year-old monster who threw his body in ML, and the national team is still in a “difficult” position

From a Yongmago monster pitcher, he now challenges himself as a new Korean monster for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jang Hyun-seok (LA Dodgers), the “158km man” who met at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 23rd, looked bright. 바카라

He showed off his presence by throwing impressive power with a maximum speed of 158km in the Blue Dragon Flag, and as a result, he also succeeded in challenging the U.S. It’s a double-slope with the national flagging the national flag.

When asked about “a senior who takes good care of you,” Moon Dong-ju’s name came out first. “I’m happy to wear the national team uniform,” he said, “Everyone took good care of me, so I’m comfortable,” but he kept looking.

Na Gyun-an (Lotte), who was passing by, smiled, saying, “Please take care of my junior,” and bowed his head. But “Yongmago is the star. There’s an age gap with me, so I saw him for the first time today.

Recently, he threw a real pitching session under bullpen coach Chung Dae-hyun. Jang Hyunsuk said, “My condition is not bad.The data was good, too,” he said with a bright smile.

No schedule has yet been set after the Asian Games, including the education league. However, winning the gold medal at the Asian Games will give him more room to challenge the U.S. stage. The Dodgers also shouted ‘OK!’ to all related schedules.

When I asked about the senior I wanted to meet, Ko Woo-suk (LG)’s name came out. “I want to learn Ko Woo-suk’s slider and Na Kyun-an’s splitter. I’ll learn how to run the game and deal with the batters one by one,” he said, showing a serious attitude.

He is the only teenager in the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. He also appealed to the head coach, saying, “I don’t know whether it will be a starter or a middle or a finish, but if you trust me and leave me, I will do my best.”

“I want to win a gold medal because I’m a member of the national team. I’ll show you a good performance.”

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