“I had a lot of worries. Director Kim Taehyung…” Retirement Transformation of a leader, Legendary “Coach is more than a player…

Hanwha Eagles infielder Lee Sung-gon (31) will become a leader after retirement. Lee Sung-gon organized his career on his SNS on the 21st and thanked him.

“Now I’m about to end my career,” he said, “I didn’t succeed much as a baseball player, but I challenged, researched, tried, and tried to succeed in the process.” I poured everything I could into it and accepted the result. I would lie if I had no regrets, but I was still happy,’ he said, looking back on his career.

Lee Sung-gon, who was called by the Lotte Giants, led by the former teacher Kim Tae-hyung, starts anew as a leader. He will serve as an assistant batting coach for the Lotte Futures team.

Lee Sung-gon, who said, “I still haven’t given up on baseball,” expressed his expectation for a new start as a leader, saying, “Now I have to deal with baseball in a different direction, but I think it will be a fun thing as well.”

Legendary father Lee Soon-chul, SBS sports commentator, also mentioned. 온라인카지노

“I didn’t become a ‘better baseball player than my father’ which was my dream, but I will live to become a better baseball player in the future,” he said, promising, “I will continue to truly love and treat baseball as much as I love it.”

“I was worried for a few days after receiving the coach’s offer. I wondered if I would have any regrets about my career. I think starting quickly will help my baseball life more in the future. I thought we should accept the result.”

The leader was the goal after retirement. “You’re attractive. It was something I wanted to do (after retirement), and if you ask me what I wanted to do when I quit baseball someday, I think I was a coach.”

the man who paved the way for the leader. It was Lotte Giants manager Kim Tae-hyung. I paid attention to Lee Seong-gon’s communication ability, who usually studies a lot, tries, and explains in a reasonable way. Just in time as Lotte manager, he recommended Lee Sung-gon to transform into a leader.

“He learned a lot, and he was a respected director. I was respectful of the way the team was run, and I’ve also admired it a lot. I thought I would do anything if I could learn from the director. I wanted to be able to learn more closely.”

The young players Lee Sung-gon has to deal with are video generations who have encountered baseball private education and various information during their school days. If you can’t persuade them with certainty, it’s not easy to incorporate your theory into the field.

“I was worried about that a lot, too. The bottom line was to study a lot and constantly. You have to learn. I will try to do my best, and I will try to talk to a player who is as young as I am the youngest coach.”

“My father told me to study until the end.” “Now that I came out, there were so many things I didn’t know,” he said. “The video is good, so the coach should be more theoretical than the player.”

Lee Sung-gon, from Gyeonggi High School and Yonsei University, started his professional career in 2014 when he joined the Doosan Bears as the 32nd pick in the second third round. He moved to the Samsung Lions in 2018 and played for four years and then for two years with the Hanwha Eagles in 2021.

Although he ended his professional career without being in full bloom as a left-handed big gun first baseman, he is a player with great qualities as a leader. I constantly researched and tried to overcome my shortcomings. As such, they have the ability to sympathize with and communicate with the difficulties of prospects. Another big advantage is that it has excellent communication skills because it is smart and has well-prepared speech.

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