“I pretended not to know even though I knew it.” Shock report… Behind the assault + sexual harassment case, was there a legend of “197 wins in total in the U.S. and Japan”?

Recently, something very shocking happened to the Rakuten Golden Eagles in the Japanese professional baseball league. Multiple media in Japan reported on the 26th (Korea time) that several players of Rakuten complained that they were assaulted and abused by Tomohiro Anraku during the 2024 season salary negotiations. 슬롯머신

Anraku was nominated by Rakuten in the first round of the 2014 rookie draft and did not play a remarkable role at the beginning of his debut, but he changed his position to a bullpen pitcher in 2020 and began to open his eyes as he pitched in 27 games that year, leaving a record of one win and five-hold ERA of 3.48. And the following year, Anraku was reborn as a full-fledged “career high” by spending the “career high” season with 5 wins, 3 losses, 25 holds, 2 saves, and a 2.08 ERA in 58 games.

He continued to show good performances. He pitched 49 ⅓s in 52 games last year, recording 6 wins, 2 losses, 13 holds, one save, and an ERA of 4.38 while playing 57 games this year, recording 3 wins, 2 losses and 10 holds, 3.04, helping Rakuten compete for a ticket to the postseason of the Pacific League until the end of the regular season. It was shocking to hear that the “mainstay” committed assault.

According to Japanese media, several players claimed that they were subjected to harsh acts by Anraku during the 2024 season salary negotiations. According to reports at the time, A could not properly train because he was hit in the head by Anraku, and B was sexually harassed by taking off his underwear in the locker room at Anraku’s instructions. In addition, when he refused to invite other juniors to eat, he cursed.

The affected players were afraid of retaliation and additional damages, so they did not inform the club. However, the players who had been affected so far mustered up courage during the latest salary negotiations and voiced their opinions, revealing Anraku’s assault and sexual harassment case. Immediately after the news broke, Rakuten postponed indefinitely the 2024 season salary negotiations with Anraku. Then, Rakuten immediately launched its own investigation.

Rakuten conducted a survey of 137 players and team officials, and found that 10 players were directly harassed. It has been found that around 40 people witnessed or heard about Anraku’s atrocities. As a result, Rakuten did not include Anraku’s name in the process of submitting a list of players on hold to the Japanese Baseball Organization (NPB) on April 30. As a result, Anraku was released from the Rakuten and changed to a free agent.

The first person who opened his mouth right after the incident was Masahiro Tanaka, a “living legend” who has 197 wins in his U.S.-Japan career. As you can see from his career, Tanaka is currently a “signal star” symbolizing Rakuten and the oldest player. Tanaka said on his SNS on the 1st, “I’m sorry to make the fans worried about this. Bullying cannot be forgiven. Not only the club but also I should have cared more about my juniors as an older member of the team.”

Tanaka continued, “I had to consult with my juniors and take the initiative if there was a problem, but I am reflecting on my complacency. I know that each player and club are talking and listening to this issue properly,” he said, expressing his apology to his fans, “I will do my best to help fans cheer with more confidence so that they can fight in the pennant race as a player belonging to the team.”

However, shocking news spread here. Tanaka was also aware that Anraku had abused his junior colleagues. “Tanaka, who had been receiving attention due to the problem caused by Anraku, who he loved, appeared in public on the 5th. It was highly likely that this would be the last chance for Takana to hear about Anraku’s problems. As a result, media companies that do not usually visit also visited the scene. However, there was no mention of Anraku’s atrocities,” he said.

According to “Gendai Business,” an anonymous club official said, “I don’t know about the investigation of about 100 players and staff, but Tanaka was pretending not to see it even though he knew about it (Anraku’s assault),” adding, “Some believe that Tanaka was enjoying it behind Anraku. In the midst of this, Rakuten club decided to keep Tanaka, hoping that he would win 200 games in his U.S.-Japan career.”

The players that Anraku targeted for assault and sexual harassment were mainly targeted at young bullpen pitchers. “Gendai Business” explained that the “rotten root” seems to have been pulled out with the release of Anraku, but the Rakuten team is still in an unstable state due to Tanaka’s presence. The media made a claim that was related to Anraku’s assault and sexual harassment case beyond Tanaka’s acquiescence.

Finally, “Gendai Business” said, “Tanaka said on social media on the 1st, ‘I will give all the strength I can to become one again.’ To get rid of the dirty air of the team, Tanaka himself needs to change first.”

Since the report came out, Rakuten fans have been in great shock, with Tanaka saying that he could not have joined the atrocities committed by Anraku and having to trade Tanaka. If the allegations of “Gendai Business” are true, it is very shocking news.

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