If Park Ji-sung had gone to Bayern Munich at that time…

Park Ji-sung, the “father of overseas soccer,” made headlines by moving from PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands to Manchester United, the most prestigious club in England at the time, in 2005. 바카라사이트

Manchester United was the strongest team in Europe as it won the treble in 1999. However, the rumor about Park’s transfer did not disappear just because he chose to play as the “top career player.” As a midfielder, Park is a rare player in Europe who ties up his opponent’s ace and acts as a lubricant for offense and defense, many people even after his transfer to Manchester United wanted him.

There were also Juventus, the most prestigious in Italy, and Fiorentina, who once made a purple sensation, but the hottest transfer rumor when Park Ji-sung played for Manchester United was also the rumor of a transfer to Bayern Munich, Germany’s “first-tier.”

Park Ji-sung wore the captain’s armband on his left forearm at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and made the first round of 16 in Korean soccer’s history, and since then, there has been talk of his trip to Munich.

In July 2010, U.S. media such as Fox Sports and Goal Dotcom announced that Manchester United was making efforts to bring in Philippe Lam, a side defender who plays for Bayern Munich. However, the main point of the report was that Munich also had a player that Manchester United wanted and wanted to recruit midfielder Park Ji-sung or striker Dimitar Berbatov.

There was a good chance of a trade in American sports and a swap deal in European concepts. Manchester United also heard from Munich that it was willing to sell the then 27-year-old Ram.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail also reported the possibility. At the time, media reported that Ferguson could find Verbatov for another season at Old Trafford. Park is still a major player in Ferguson’s squad, but it is hard to say that flanker Rafael da Silva is ready for the first team. This is why Ferguson is visiting Rahm.

Several media outlets reported simultaneously, and the circumstances were quite specific, so the possibility of Park Ji-sung’s transfer to Munich was ignited in an instant. Manchester United is a great club, but Munich is also a big club and prestigious club that any soccer player wants to play for once. Unlike Manchester United, which formed a strong rivalry with Chelsea and Arsenal at the time, Munich was a team that could add more trophies to Park Ji-sung, who had a lot of “winning luck” because it was the time when he ended the recession and flew back to the Bundesliga’s “first round.”

On top of that, a key official of Park Ji-sung also alluded to the positive nuance. He responded through the media that Munich could be considered.

Park Ji-sung was a player who was as good as his number 13 in Manchester United. He also scored goals by blocking the best techniques of his time, including Lionel Messi and Andrea Pirlo. However, since it was difficult to regard him as a perfect starting member, he fell into the 18-member squad in line with Alex Ferguson’s strategy at the 2007 UEFA Champions League finals in Moscow, Russia, and watched his team rise to the top in Europe for the first time in eight years.

As he announced his health by scoring the winning shot against Greece in the South African World Cup, a new soccer life could have unfolded when he went to Munich.

Consequently, no transfer took place. As rumors grew over the transfer, Park’s agency also said that it had not received any official offer from Munich, and Park replied when leaving for Manchester United for training, “I have never heard of it. There is nothing I can say because everything I have heard from the media.”

However, after his retirement a few years later, the rumors of his transfer to Munich were slightly revealed.

Park Ji-sung moved from Manchester United to Queens Park Rangers (QPR), where Tony Fernandez, who runs Malaysia’s low-cost airline Air Asia, is the owner, and retired in the summer of 2014 after a year on loan from PSV in the Netherlands in 2013.

At the Park Ji-sung Football Center in Suwon, Park Ji-sung held a retirement ceremony by hanging all his team and national team uniforms, and Park Ji-sung admitted that there was a love call from Munich.

While staying in Manchester United, Park played in the Champions League final against FC Barcelona in 2011 for 90 minutes, showing off his robust performance. He also played in the Champions League final for the second time, which he wanted to play for, indicating that staying in Manchester United was a good choice. However, when rumors spread that Park would move to Munich, not a few fans wished that Park would go to another prestigious club and spread his wings widely.

For this reason, if Park had gone to Munich, he would have become a sensation beyond his current level. Munich was linked to Son Heung-min, who played for Tottenham Hotspur in 2018, but rumors of a move quickly dissipated. After playing for rookie striker Jung Woo-young in the same year, Park acquired ties with Korean soccer through Kim Min-jae last year.

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