If you pass, it’s a goal…”Ruthless” shooting from a 3-1 situation Fans are angry about “selfishness outside the world.”

Chelsea lost 1-2 against Wolverhampton in the 18th round of the 2023/24 season at the Molineux Stadium in Olverhampton, England. Wolverhampton rose to 11th place (22 points), while Chelsea ranked 10th in the league (22 points).

Both teams actively attacked from the beginning of the game, but the score was not easy. Chelsea took the opportunity first. Jose Saga passed to Gomes in the 32nd minute of the first half, which Sterling took over. 온라인카지노

There was only Josesa in front of the goal, and Palmer and Jackson were next to Sterling. There were three strikers and one goalkeeper. If Sterling had passed to Palmer or Jackson, the score could have been made lightly. But Sterling made the worst choice. He shot as it was. Chelsea missed a golden opportunity as Jose blocked it.

Wolverhampton scored the first goal. At a corner kick in the sixth minute of the second half, Lemina clapped her heads for Ugochuku and shook Chelsea’s net.

Wolverhampton added a goal. Bueno passed to Hwang Hee-chan in the third minute of the second half’s extra time, but it was blocked. The ball rather connected to Doherty and scored the team’s second goal with a calm shot.

Chelsea chased. In the fifth minute of extra time in the second half, Nkunku finished Sterling’s cross with his head and scored the chasing goal. That was it. Wolverhampton’s 2-1 victory ended the game without an additional score. As it was a one-point defeat, Sterling’s chance to score was even more painful for Chelsea.

Sterling was criticized after the game. “It was a positive start. Everything went through Sterling from the start,” British media outlet Football London said. “I had to pass the first half opportunity. The decision was very bad,” giving him six points.

The Evening Standard gave Sterling a six-point rating and said, “He was a dangerous player at Chelsea. However, he squandered big opportunities, including a three-on-one situation. He had the chance to finish or pass the ball past the goalkeeper, but he shot straight ahead.”

Fans who saw the scene couldn’t hide their bewilderment. Sports Bible, a sports media outlet, posted the footage on its SNS account. Fans left comments saying, “Sterling is absolutely shocking,” “Egotism beyond this world,” and “It’s definitely not for the team.”

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