I’m sorry, so I dropped my butt

It is the story of Park Kun-woo and Heo Kyung-min, who were born in 1990. Park Kun-woo and Huh Kyung-min have been together in Doosan uniforms since 2009. Park Gun-woo joined Doosan in 2009 as a second round designation for the Doosan Bears, played as a franchise outfielder until 2021, and has since worn the NC Dinos uniform as an FA. On the afternoon of March 29, the exhibition game of the “2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul was held. It was the last exhibition game to finally check the players’ condition ahead of the regular season.

NC Park Kun-woo hit a grounder to third base that was eaten by Doosan starter Lee Young-ha with one out in the top of the third inning. Doosan’s third baseman Huh Kyung-min ran fast due to a slow ball. He caught a grounder caught by a glove and threw himself to first base. Park Kun-woo was out by a hair’s breadth. Heo Kyung-min’s monument stood out. Heo Kyung-min slightly hit Park Kun-woo’s butt with a glove, seemingly indifferently, heading to the third base dugout. On the one hand, this behavior came out because I felt sorry. 토토

Park Kun-woo also headed to the dugout without showing much expression due to Huh Kyung-min’s behavior. With one out and a full base in the sixth inning, Park Kun-woo hit Doosan’s Lee Seung-jin’s curve and hit a two-run final hit that fell to the right-center. Park Kun-woo batted .270 with 10 hits in 37 at-bats in an exhibition game in 2022.

After the game, Park Gun-woo said, “I greeted the coaches, coaches, and players of my home team who I had been with for a long time, and they welcomed me,” adding, “It was a Doosan game, so I played as usual rather than special.” “I will not lose my touch like now and prepare well to repay you with a better appearance,” he said with emphasis. Meanwhile, Park Kun-woo, who moved from Doosan to NC, is scheduled to play against Doosan, a pro-Cheong team, at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 26th.

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