“I’m trying to give you a multi-year contract…” Samsung and Buchanan disagree, why isn’t it narrow

It is highly likely that the contract renewal negotiations between the Samsung Lions and foreign pitcher David Buchanan will end this year. So far, the disagreement between them has not narrowed. Buchanan is a long-lived foreign player who played four seasons in Samsung alone until this year. He is the longest after Casey Kelly, who has played for the LG Twins since the 2019 season. 메이저 토토사이트

Kelly has already renewed his contract with LG for 1.5 million dollars (400,000 down payment, 800,000 annual salary, 300,000 incentive). Other foreign Samsung players have already signed contracts. They also signed with infielder David McKinnon for 1 million dollars and right-handed pitcher Connor Seabold for 1 million dollars, respectively.

However, negotiations to renew his contract with Buchanan have been slow. Immediately after the end of the regular season, Samsung finalized its contract with Buchanan and started negotiations. However, a month has passed since the end of the regular season and has yet to reach an agreement.

“As is known, there are some gaps in terms of multi-year contracts and these conditions. There are differences of opinion. In fact, we have been negotiating since November, so the disagreement has to be narrowed, but it has not been narrowed much. I don’t think we will reach a conclusion in the near future,” a Samsung official said.

Samsung officials declined to comment as much as possible, but it is assumed that Buchanan’s request is not acceptable. Buchanan’s agent is also saying that he received an offer from a major league club. However, the size of the offer does not seem to be satisfactory. Buchanan is also a little more intent on staying with Samsung, and Samsung is also determined to catch Buchanan somehow, but it is a difficult task.

Of course, the Samsung club wants to give Buchanan the best treatment. It is also considering a multi-year contract as the first “official” foreign player in the KBO league and plans to provide the best treatment in the 2024 season. This means a lot. There has never been an official announcement of a multi-year contract. Samsung is also committed to displaying its sincerity so that Buchananan’s name can be used in its first and first record in the league. If the team gives the best treatment in the 2024 season, it will give more than 1.5 million U.S. dollars (including incentives) that Kelly, Cuevas, Herredia, and Alcantara have received from renewing their contracts.

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