In memory of Choi Hong-seok, Shin Young-chul’s student, “A good-hearted player…”It’s so sad that I can’t express it”

Coach Shin Young-chul of Woori Card paid tribute to the late Choi Hong-seok, saying, “He was a really nice player. It’s too bad that I can’t express it.”

Woori Card and OK Financial Group will face off in the fourth round of the 2023-24 Dodram V-League at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 10th.

Prior to the game, Shin carefully mentioned Choi Hong-seok, who passed away on the 9th. The late Choi Hong-seok played for Woori Card, KEPCO and OK Financial Group during his lifetime. After his retirement, he was praised as a volleyball commentator while holding a microphone.

Coach Shin remembered the deceased, saying, “He was with me on our card for a while,” adding, “He was a really nice player.”

“I’m so young that I can’t express it,” he said, adding, “I’m so sorry.” 안전 토토사이트

In addition, coach Shin voiced the need to work together to prevent the tragedy from leading to another misfortune in the volleyball world.

Coach Shin said, “Other players (who heard about the obituary) need to polish their minds and pay more attention to the players around them.”

Meanwhile, the match is an inevitable showdown between Woori Card, which is in the lead but has been mired in two consecutive losses, and OK Financial Group, which is ranked fifth but has enjoyed an upward trend of three consecutive wins.

Shin said, “I will start with Lee Seung-won for the first time. The toss is more stable than at the KOVO Cup,” adding, “It’s kind of an adventure, but I’m looking forward to giving opportunities to players who have worked hard and competing with others.”

“Blocking and digging systems are in place. The players are following along well,” said OK Financial Group coach Masahiro Ogiino. “This is a new game that has nothing to do with our previous records. We worked hard to analyze and prepare for this game,” he said of losing 2-3 in the previous showdown.

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