“In Q3, profitability and margins improved year-over-year, continuing a trend that has continued since the second half of 2022

Andrew Pascal, Chairman and CEO of Playstudios, said, “In Q3, profitability and margins improved year-over-year, continuing a trend that has continued since the second half of 2022. Compared to Q3 FY22, AEBITDA margin increased 430 basis points in the quarter, while total AEBITDA increased 39%. To date, AEBITDA margins have increased 790 basis points year-over-year, evidence of operational efficiency, diversification of revenue and efforts to curb costs. We continue to focus on reaching margin parity with our colleagues in anticipation of continued profits. We haven’t seen the same level of momentum yet in top earnings, but we’re confident in the growth pipeline. Specific revenue drivers include further improvements in myVEGas and myKONAMI slots, continued expansion of early growth games, introduction of new game titles currently in development, and expansion of the PlayerAwards loyalty marketing platform to external partners.”

While the momentum of Playstudios’ growing game collection continues to drive overall portfolio performance, Tetris remains the single biggest driver of audience and revenue as players continue to discover and rediscover the iconic franchise. The company is working diligently to optimize the advertising economy around its growing network of players, expecting more DAUs in the coming months. At the same time, PlayStudios is still focusing on expanding the Tetris world and developing new Tetris titles. The new games are for a wider puzzle category that features variations of the core Tetris format. Pascal added, “We are encouraged by the development of the Tetris team to date and expect one or more of these new games to be released in the coming months.” 온라인경마

Playstudios’ other growth games, MyVegas Bingo, MGM Slot Live and Brainium Suite, also performed well this quarter. Brainium products will be a particular focus for the company in the coming months and into 2024 as teams consider how to integrate the PlayerAwards loyalty platform into the player-to-play MyVIP brand and further improve monetization. We are encouraged by the results of our recent initiatives at Solitaire and look forward to leveraging these enhancements across Brainium’s entire portfolio.

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