India’s Nita Ambani Wins 2023 IOC Session

Nitta Ambani also reaffirmed her long-standing commitment to allow the country to host the Youth Olympic Games and Olympic Games in the future. International Olympic Committee member Nitta Ambani described Saturday’s decision to grant India the right to host an IOC session in Mumbai in 2023 as “a major development for India’s Olympic aspirations and a matter of great pride and joy.” Mumbai received a historic 99% approval vote from delegates participating in the process, with 75 members backing candidates to host the 2023 IOC session. The decision confirmed that India will host this prestigious IOC meeting for the first time since 1983, marking the beginning of a new era of participation between India’s youth population and the Olympic movement.

Nitta Ambani also reaffirmed her long-standing commitment to allow India to host the Youth Olympic Games and Olympic Games in the future. “The Olympic Movement is back in India after 40 years of waiting! I sincerely thank the International Olympic Committee for delegating the honor of hosting an IOC session in Mumbai in 2023 to India,” Nitta Ambani said in a statement. 스포츠토토

“This will be a significant development in India’s Olympic aspirations and mark the beginning of a new era for Indian sports. Sports have always been a beacon of hope and inspiration for millions of people around the world,” she added. “We are one of the youngest countries in the world today and I am excited about the young people in India accepting and experiencing the magic of the Olympics firsthand. It is our dream to further strengthen this partnership and host the Olympics in India in the future,” Nita Ambani added.

India’s first female IOC member, Nita Ambani, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) President Narinder Bhatra, Youth Minister Anurag Singh Thakur, and India’s first individual Olympic gold medalist, Ababin Vindra, presented an example of Beijing’s hosting during the ongoing Games with more than 139 million Indians.

“It makes India the most important and exciting place to foster and grow the Olympic movement. Inspired by the Olympic Value Education Program, it is our mission to discover potential talents and lead them to the greatness of the sports world. We propose that in time for the Olympic Session 2023, we launch a series of elite sports development programs for youth in poor communities,” she added.

In a successful conclusion of the bidding process, IOA President Narinder Bhatra said: “I appreciate Mrs Nita Ambani’s vision and leadership, and I appreciate their support, and all their IOC colleagues, I look forward to seeing you here in Mumbai next year. This is the beginning of a new era of Indian sports – an era that features the long-term goal of hosting the Olympics in India.”

“We recognize that we are ambitious and that our goals are bold. But India is on an exciting journey and we want the Olympic movement to play a central role in building a brighter future for our next generation. Hosting a truly memorable IOC session in Mumbai in 2023 with a focus on youth potential, sustainability and innovation will be one of the first steps to showcase India’s new sporting capabilities,” he added.

It will be held at the Jio World Convention Center in Mumbai in the summer of 2023. The IOC General Assembly is an annual meeting of IOC members consisting of 101 voting members and 45 honorary members. IOC members discuss and decide on major activities of the World Olympic Movement, including the adoption or revision of the Olympic Charter, the election of IOC members and officials, and the election of the host city of the Olympics.

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