Invited athletes from developing countries’ BMX freestyle camp, completed in Chuncheon

The “2023 WCC-KOREA (World Cycling Center) BMX Freestyle 5th Camp” with BMX Freestyle athletes from Asian developing countries has successfully ended.

On the 23rd, the Korea Cycling Federation said, “The WCC-KOREA BMX Freestyle Camp, in which three Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines) participated, was completed successfully.”

The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Sports Promotion Agency, the Korea Sports Council, and the Chuncheon Leisure Organizing Committee to increase Korea’s sports diplomacy and train BMX freestyle athletes.

BMX freestyle, which uses park structures to jump and perform aerial stunts on the ground or in the air, is one of the detailed cycling events, an official Olympic event and a representative event of extreme sports.

There is no set scorecard or frame, and it is fun to watch each player’s personality, style, and colorful skills by evaluating difficulty, originality, style, and completeness.

The WCC-KOREA freestyle camp was held by inviting BMX freestyle athletes from developing countries to Korea on the 13th to prepare for participation in the 2023 Chuncheon BMX Freestyle International Exhibition and National Championship, an international competition in Chuncheon.

Due to the nature of the sport in which the understanding and experience of the park structure greatly affects the performance, players trained in Korea to prepare for the competition. As a result, Indonesian Patiya and Filipino Asian players ranked third in the tournament, showing the status of the Korean training system. 온라인경마

“Through this WCC-KOREA camp training, I was able to gain confidence in my skills and build my own style,” a Filipino player who participated in the camp said. “Through this camp, I was able to get good results in international competitions.”

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