Is Ham Deok-ju’s interest in the ML club real? Attention is drawn to the U.S. “He is younger than other FA left-handed relief pitchers.”

KBO said on the 30th of last month, “We received a request from the Major League Secretariat to check the status of LG Twins’ Ham Deok-ju (28).” The KBO added, “We have notified the Major League Secretariat that the player can sign contracts with all clubs including overseas clubs as an FA.”

Another player who requested an identification check appeared. Ham Deok-ju is the third player to receive an identification check request from the Major League Baseball secretariat after the end of this season. Earlier, Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-seok were asked for an identification check.

Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-suk have clearly declared their challenge to the Major League. They will be able to advance to the Major League only when they go through the posting system side by side. Lee Jung-hoo agreed with Kiwoom early ahead of this season to declare his challenge to the Major League, and Ko Woo-suk has also recently sought LG’s consent. “The team has decided to approve Ko’s posting to the Major League and will make a final decision with the player when the amount of posting money is released,” the LG team. 안전놀이터

Unlike them, Ham Deok-ju, a “complete free agent,” can decide his career path according to his will without having to consult with the club. Ham Deok-ju, who became an FA after this season, has yet to sign a contract with domestic clubs including his original team LG.

How realistic is Ham Deok-ju’s entry into the Major League? MLB Trade Rumors (MLBTR), which deals with the news of the Major League, showed interest on the 1st (Korea time), saying, “The Major League Secretariat has requested an identification check of Ham Deok-ju, a relief pitcher of the KBO League.”

“MLBTR,” which says, “The identity check is an official procedure when major league teams show interest in KBO league players,” made it clear that Ham Deok-ju is a complete FA player because he has already filled nine seasons in the KBO league. Therefore, Ham Deok-ju does not have to transfer through the posting system and can sign with the KBO League, Major League, Japanese professional baseball or any other team,” unlike Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-seok, he made it clear that he is not a player who goes through the posting system.

Ham Deok-ju has made a perfect comeback this year. He pitched 55 ⅔s in 57 regular season games and pitched four wins, four saves and 16 holds with an ERA of 1.62, which helped LG win the Korean Series title for the first time in 29 years.

“MLBTR” also noted Ham Deok-ju’s performance this season, saying, “Ham Deok-ju was a key bullpen pitcher for the LG Twins, the KBO league champion this season. In 55 ⅔ innings, he recorded an outstanding 1.62 ERA, inducing a 26.6% strikeout rate, 9.9% walk allowance, and 59.8% groundout.”

Ham Deok-ju is not a fastball type pitcher who throws more than 150 kilometers. He has a fastball speed of around 140 kilometers, but his main weapon is change-up. The media also introduced Ham’s style, saying that he is not a strong pitcher.

Regarding Ham Deok-ju’s possible entry into the Major League, “MLBTR” predicted, “Although it is not clear how interested major league teams are in Ham Deok-ju, the status check in the Major League is a clear indicator that it has drawn some interest from one or more major league teams,” adding, “Of course, the status check does not always imply a deal with major league teams. Ham Deok-ju may ultimately prefer to remain in Korea and may find a contract with better conditions.”

Initially, Ham Deok-ju was not mentioned as a candidate for the Major League, and even if he receives an offer from a Major League club, it is difficult to expect a huge treatment. From Ham Deok-ju’s point of view, it may be better to sign an FA contract with a domestic club.

Then, who are left-handed relievers in the Major League Baseball’s FA market? “The left-handed relievers in the offseason FA market include Josh Hader and other solid and veteran players,” MLBTR said. “Hader is also a player who can break the record for bullpen pitchers this year, and there are Aroldis Chapman, Matt Moore, Wandy Peralta, Brent Suter, Will Smith, and Yuki Matsui from the Japanese professional baseball league.”

Compared to those players, MLBTR said Ham Deok-ju’s strength is his age. “The advantage of Ham Deok-ju is that he is considerably younger than most other FA left-handers. Matsui is turning 28, but most of the FA left-handers who came out this offseason are in their mid to late 30s,” MLBTR explained. Will the Major League’s interest in Ham Deok-ju be real? Maybe time will tell the truth.

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