Italian media “Calzio Napoli”, “Alexander Zicu, a defender who joined Fenerbahce from Strasbourg this season, insisted on following in Kim Min-jae’s footsteps.”

Kim Min-jae is a world-class defender that South Korea boasts. After moving to Bayern Munich for 50 million euros through Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors-Fenerbahce-Napoli, Kim has been moving to upper-level teams every year, setting records.

After moving to Napoli for the 2022/2023 season, he also showed overwhelming skills in Italy’s Serie A, leading the league to its first league championship in 33 years since Maradona, and continued to do well in the Champions League based on his league performance, bringing the team to the quarterfinals for the first time in its 1997 history.

After moving to Bayern Munich, he played as a mainstay in the pre-season and showed Tuchel’s trust. Kim, who has yet to improve his performance to 100 percent, almost provided an excuse for allowing a run by showing his fatal miss in the match against AS Monaco, but in other scenes, he showed the true value of Kim, which we normally know.

Since then, Kim has grown into an indispensable player in Munich and has been under fire for playing in all league matches. Kim has dominated the love of Tuchel by playing 1048 minutes in 12 matches in the league alone.

Fenerbahce fans continue to miss Kim Min-jae. You can often see Fenerbahce fans’ comments on SNS, such as Twitter and Instagram, where Kim Min-jae appeared. A Fenerbahce fan who recently met him asked him, “Fenerbahce vs Besiktas?” and Kim Min-jae answered, “Fenerbahce” without any hesitation. 스포츠토토

The recently transferred Ziku also mentioned Kim Min-jae. He said, “I chose to move to Fenerbahce with my advisor for a number of reasons. First of all, I liked Fenerbahce’s project. They said they wanted to create a very competitive club by recruiting famous players such as Edine Zeko, Doosan Tadic, Fred, and Dominic Rybakovic.”

He continued, “In addition, there were so many players who moved from Fenerbahce to bigger clubs. I would like to mention Kim Min-jae. He moved to Napoli. The same goes for Arda Gumler, who moved to Real Madrid, and Simone Kievier, who moved to Seville. They are all examples.”

Finally, he said, “In the end, I thought it would be an appropriate stepping stone to the development of my career to move forward rather than staying in a familiar place.” The interview could be uncomfortable for Fenerbahce fans. It was because he openly said it would be a stepping stone to become a better club. It remains to be seen whether Ziku can also go to a big club.

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