Its Novak Djokovic, The Undisputed King of Tennis

The Undisputed King of Tennis”… Djokovic reaches 24 major wins with US Open win

Novak Djokovic (36. World No. 2. Serbia) raised both hands.

He then got down on his knees, crouched on the floor, and buried his head.

His shoulders trembled slightly amidst a standing ovation from about 24,000 spectators.

It was the moment when he put an end to the long-running debate about tennis GOAT (The Greatest Of All Time) and stood tall as the protagonist.

Djokovic once again wrote tennis history.

Daniil Medvedev

Defeated Daniil Medvedev (27.3rd place, Russia) 3-0 (6-3 7-6<7-5> 6-3) in the US Open tennis men’s singles final held at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York on the 11th (Korean time).

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This is his third major win this season and the 24th major championship of his career.

This is a record tied with Margaret Court (retired, Australia) for the most singles wins in a major tournament among male and female players.

However, Djokovic is the only one to have won 24 times since 1968, when professional players were allowed to participate in major tournaments.

Tennis Big Three

The competitors, who were known as the ‘Tennis Big Three’, were defeated early on.

‘Tennis Emperor’ Roger Federer (42, Switzerland) retired after winning 20 major championships,

Rafael Nadal (37, Spain), who achieved 22 championships, has announced his retirement next year.

Djokovic, born in 1987, is younger than them, and still has great stamina and athletic ability.

There is no room for argument that the correct answer to the ‘GOAT debate’ is Djokovic.

AFP reported the news of Djokovic’s win that day and praised him as “the undisputed king of tennis.”

Djokovic is having the best time this year.

He is 36 years old, which is quite young for an active player, but he swept both the Australian Open and the French Open and finished runner-up at Wimbledon.

He was considered a strong candidate to win even before this competition.

US Open

However, the recent trend at the US Open was not very good.

After winning his third title in 2018, he was eliminated in the fourth round in consecutive years in 2019 and 2020, and lost to Medvedev in the final in 2021.

Last year, he was unable to compete because he was banned from entering the U.S. because he had not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

As COVID-19 vaccine regulations were relaxed this year, he took on the challenge of revenge for the first time in two years.

As if trying to shake off the regrets of the past four years, he performed overwhelmingly from the preliminaries onward.

Ben Shelton

He confirmed his return to the world’s No. 1 ranking early on by winning the second round, and in the semifinals, he defeated Ben Shelton (20, USA), who emerged as the ‘Cinderella’ of this tournament.

“Djokovic was completely different from any player I’ve ever played against,” Shelton said.

“He was very focused throughout the game.”

In the final, he faced Medvedev, who had defeated him two years ago.

The match ended surprisingly smoothly. After the game started, he took the lead by breaking Medvedev’s first serve game and easily won the first set 6-3.

Although he struggled somewhat with Medvedev’s counterattack in the second set, he took the advantage by taking the second set at the end of a tiebreak.

Medvedev failed to mount a significant counterattack in the third set and fell to his knees.

It took only 3 hours and 16 minutes for Djokovic to defeat a player who was 9 years younger than him.

Kobe Bryant

At the awards ceremony that day, Djokovic wore a shirt with ’24’ and ‘Mamba Forever’ engraved on it.

‘Mamba’ is the nickname of NBA star Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter accident in 2020, and 24 is his uniform number.

And it is also the major win achieved by Djokovic on this day.

Djokovic expressed his gratitude, saying, “Kobe was one of the people I relied on the most.”

Although Novak Djokovic has set a new milestone in tennis history, he said he still “dreams new dreams.”

He said, “I am in good shape and motivated.

I feel a thirst for more majors and more achievements in tennis.”

His dreams are not limited to the tennis court.

“I want to leave a legacy both on and off the court,” he said.

“I want to be remembered as someone who used everything I had to create a better ecosystem for the sport while I was at the top.”

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