Jeju Dream Tower attracts 1,000 foreign VIPs in August

Lotte Tourism Development said it has signed a contract to allow more than 1,000 overseas VIP gamblers to visit the company’s casino in Jeju’s Dream Tower Resort during the summer vacation season in August. Most of the expected high rollers are from Singapore and are company representatives. The company says it is working with nine Junket Agents, including two familiar with the Singapore customer segment, and five Junket Agents, who it suggested were leaders in the Malaysian customer market to recruit players to Jeju Dream Tower this month.

“Southeast Asian junkets have recently been competitively heading to South Korea,” Lotte Tour chief operating officer Lawrence Teo was quoted as saying in a statement Tuesday amid a decline in junket activity at licensed casinos in Macau and Australia. He added that Jeju’s casino business activities have been “focused” by the visa-free entry plan since June 1 for tourists with certain passports, as well as local consumers’ interest in Korean pop culture.

Lotte Tour Development announced in May that it has hired 20 casino industry workers specializing in overseas sales, including a former senior executive at The Star Sydney. Lotte Tour Development announced that it plans to hire 30 additional sales executives once the international air service to Jeju is fully restored. 파워볼실시간

Since its opening in June 2021, Jeju Dream Tower Casino has recorded 7 billion won in June alone, recording total game revenue (GGR) of about 15.3 billion won (US$11.7 million) in the second quarter. Jeju Island resumed its visa-free entry plan for certain foreign passport holders on June 1. Jeju Island will also be able to recover international flights from May 1, with its first service starting on June 2. According to data from the Jeju Tourism Organization, the number of foreigners who recently visited Jeju was 5,622 in June, 6,294 in July, and 2,650 from Aug. 1-10.

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