KB Sonbo’s Hong Sang-hyuk takes the pressure off Bjorna “I’m confident in the Triple Crown”

“We can’t win any match with just one player.”That’s what KB Insurance men’s professional volleyball coach Hoo In-jung said after the team sacrificed Korean Air on Tuesday for its first winning streak of the season.On the day, Andres Villena (real name Villena) scored his highest point total of the season (43) and set new career highs in attack percentage (68.33%) and attack share (56.07%).However, Korean Air apogee spiker Lim Dong-hyuk also scored 42 points, so according to Hoo, Bijena was not enough to win the game.KB Insurance’s victory was made possible by effective turnover management (18-33) and the contributions of outside hitter Hong Sang-hyuk (14 points, 68.42% attack percentage).

“We need to score from the left side like we did against OK Financial Group (in the previous game) and Korean Air today to have a good game,” Hoo said, adding, “Hong Sang-hyuk has the qualities to grow into a better player.”Especially with Hwang Kyung-min out with a fractured rib, it was a valuable performance.After the game, Hong Sang-hyuk, 25, gave credit to his teammates.”I make a lot of mistakes, so if there’s something wrong, Bijena tells me a lot of things so I can fix it,” he said. When my weaknesses are compensated for and it goes well, she gives me a lot of praise saying ‘well done’,” he said.As for her fellow outside hitter, Liu Hongmin, she said, “When we practice, Hongmin usually tells me, ‘If there is a strong serve, I will receive more, so you should attack,'” and reflected, “I feel more confident and comfortable hitting the ball.”

“Coach Hu always says, ‘Relax and do what you want to do with confidence. I feel like I haven’t lived up to his expectations, so I’m going to try harder.”In the interview, the shy Hong Sang-hyuk did not hide his ambition.”On the bus to the stadium, I always think about things like, ‘I have to show today,’ and ‘I have to do the Triple Crown,'” he said, adding, “I’m always confident (about the Triple Crown).”The Triple Crown is defined as having at least three service aces, three back-attack points, and three blocking points.As Hong continues to improve, Bjorna will be able to maximize her scoring potential with less defensive pressure.Hong has scored double-digit points in four consecutive games, starting with the second-round match against 온라인카지노 OK Financial Group on March 29.

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