One, two, three, four…nineteen ouch! “Jürgen Klinsmann’s (GER) national team began training at the Paju National Training Center (NFC) on Wednesday, one day ahead of their exhibition match against Tunisia. Klinsmann’s side will take on the Tunisians at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul, on March 13. Klinsmann, who was appointed in March and led Korea to their first win in six games against Saudi Arabia last month, will look to continue their winning streak against Tunisia. In the first 25 minutes of training, which was open to the media from 4 p.m., the team stood in a circle and discussed the training plan with Klinsmann before heading out of the warm autumn sun and under the shade of a tree in the corner of the training ground. Lying on their backs on yoga mats on the ground, the players worked their muscles, sometimes individually and sometimes in pairs, by lifting their legs to 90 degrees, splitting them to the sides and bringing them back up, working the inner thighs.

After stretching, the players stood up and warmed up with a series of forward, backward, and sideways jogs .The goalkeepers worked separately on stopping low shots, and the 21 field players split into three groups of seven to begin passing drills. With two players in the middle and five in a circle, the players worked hard to pass the ball around the players and toward the target number of 20.Counting “one, two, three,” the players would sometimes pass the ball to their teammates with their feet, thighs, or chest traps, while other times they would just head it back and forth, laughing .If she made a mistake, such as losing the ball to a fellow player or sending the ball out of bounds with an inaccurate pass, she would step in and swap roles.

Son Heung-min (Tottenham), who had missed ground training the day before due to not feeling 100 percent and had been doing individual training indoors, including cycling and stretching, was the only player in long pants on the day and joined his teammates in passing the ball around .After about an hour and a half of official training with the coaching staff, the players continued to work on their own. Meanwhile, head coach Andreas Hierzog, who returned to South Korea earlier in the day after his mother’s health improved, was on hand to 카지노사이트 lead the training.

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