Klinsmann’s fullback who even lost Kim Jin-soo and became the venue for competition

One of Klinsmann’s tasks ahead of the A match in September is to find a full-back owner who is Muju Gongsan. This is why the fullback competition between Lee Ki-je (Suwon), Kang Sang-woo (Beijing Guoan), Ahn Hyun-beom (Jeonbuk) and Seol Young-woo (Ulsan), is drawing attention in the national team, which even Kim Jin-soo (Jeonbuk), who was the main player, was absent due to injury.

Jurgen Klinsmann, head coach of the Korean men’s national soccer team, selected seven defenders out of the 25 players who will play in Wales (8th) and Saudi Arabia (13th) during the A match in September. Among them, there are four fullbacks: Lee Ki-je, Kang Sang-woo, Ahn Hyun-beom, and Seol Young-woo.

For a long time, Kim Moon-hwan (Al-Duhail) and Hong Chul (Daegu) have been competing with Kim Jin-soo as the fullbacks of the national team. They also wore Taegeuk marks side by side at last year’s Qatar World Cup, led by head coach Paulo Bento. 먹튀검증

However, since Klinsmann took office, there have been signs of change in the full-back. Hong Chul’s name disappeared from the A match list in March, and Kim Moon-hwan was omitted in June. And even Kim Jin-soo, the undisputed left fullback of the main player, left the national team.

In the case of Kim Moon-hwan and Kim Jin-soo, injuries were the biggest reason. However, even though Kim Moon-hwan recovered from his injury, he was excluded from the list in September following June, and is losing the competition within the national team. Kim Jin-soo is likely to be called back when he recovers from his injury, but considering that Kim Jin-soo is also in his 30s, he now needs resources to support him. Therefore, the competition among the new fullbacks of the national team preparing for the A match in September is expected to be even hotter.

First of all, Seol Young-woo is drawing the most attention. He is recognized for his skills, being selected as a wild card not only for the A national team but also for the Asian Games national team led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong. His biggest weapon is that he can run left and right. The fact that Klinsmann has been called to all three calls since his appointment can be interpreted as meaning that his potential is recognized.

Lee Ki-je was also called up to all three A matches with Seol Young-woo. In fact, the pros and cons of this issue are clear. Attacking power competes for the best among full-back resources, but there are question marks in defense. However, given Klinsmann’s aggressive tendency, there is clear room for Lee Ki-je to play.

Unlike them, Ahn Hyun-beom and Kang Sang-woo should show why they were selected in the call-up. Ahn Hyun-beom was named to the A national team for the first time when he was called up in June, but he was disqualified after failing to play in the match against El Salvador due to a shoulder injury in the match against Peru. At the beginning of the first half of the match against Peru, there were several regrets as if they were nervous, but they showed better performance over time.

As he left in the middle due to an unexpected injury at the time, he should prove it again through the opportunity that came again this time. Kang Sang-woo, who joined the national team for the first time in 19 months, can also play both left and right side defense, but this year, he is often playing as a left and right side striker or midfielder rather than a fullback in his team. Some point out whether Klinsmann properly selected the player as a defender, so good performance is essential.

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