KLPGA Can’t Decide ‘Yoon Na Return’ Re-discussed in January next year

It has become unclear whether Yoon Na (20), a long hitter on the KLPGA tour who was banned for her “five-ball play,” will return. KLPGA decided to discuss it again at the next board meeting to be held in January next year after deliberating on the disciplinary reduction agenda for Yun-na at the regular board meeting on the 14th.

Yuna made her KLPGA tour debut last year. She gained popularity due to her long shots exceeding 300 yards and refreshing plays. She became a star player of the KLPGA tour by winning her first win at the Ever Collagen Queen’s Crown in July last year.

However, her career stopped after it was belatedly revealed that she had misled the ball in the first round of the Korean Women’s Open a month before she won the championship. Yoon had a rough tee shot at the 15th hole in the first round of the Korean Women’s Open in June last year. She continued to play in search of the ball and finished the competition. However, a month later, she belatedly reported that she had played with what was not her own ball from the second shot. 토토사이트

As a result, the Korea Golf Association (KGA), the organizer of the Korea Women’s Open, banned her from participating for three years in August of the same year. A month later, the KLPGA also banned her from participating for the same three-year period. Until September 2025, she will not be able to participate in all competitions (tour, seed match, selection match) hosted or hosted by the KLPGA. In fact, she has been banned from participating in almost all competitions held in Korea.

In September, the KGA suddenly announced that it would reduce the ban on Yun-na to one year and six months. The reason is that more than 5,000 petitions were filed to rescue Yun-na, and she showed remorse by donating all the prize money she received from 13 U.S. minor league golf tours.

Yoon Na applied for a retrial with the KLPGA in October, and a board meeting was held to discuss it. Some predicted that the KLPGA would reduce the disciplinary period due to the reduction of the KGA, but the board of directors could not conclude.

The board of directors reportedly argued that disciplinary action for forgetting honest play, which is the most important principle in golf, should not be taken carelessly. Unlike KGA, most of KLPGA’s board of directors are players. The decision to discuss Yoon at the next board meeting without dismissing the matter left room for his return.

KLPGA is expected to decide whether to reduce disciplinary action by reflecting Yoon-na’s degree of self-reflection, public opinion trends, and opinions of active players.

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