Korea requires all students to receive suicide prevention education

This Sep. 10, 2023 file photo shows a statue of a man comforting another person, set up on Mapo Bridge to prevent suicide attempts, in Seoul. The Cabinet approved a revision to the enforcement ordinance, Tuesday, mandating annual suicide prevention education for all students at elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as employees of public institutions. Yonhap

All students in elementary, middle and high schools, along with employees at public institutions in Korea, must now undergo annual suicide prevention education, as part of stepped-up government efforts to address suicide, which is the leading cause of death among young Koreans, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Tuesday.

The Cabinet approved a revised enforcement ordinance of the relevant law, mandating students as well as workers at state-run institution 커뮤니티 and hospitals to undergo training in self-harm prevention. This new requirement will come into effect starting this Friday.

According to the new rule, administrators of these organizations must create a training program for self-harm prevention and offer it at least once a year to students and employees, either in-person or online. They are also required to report the outcomes to the health ministry or other Cabinet-level departments.

Higher education institutions and private businesses with at least 30 employees have also been advised to join the campaign and take advantage of government resources.

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