“KYU SUNG, let’s be mine. How about a Danish girl?”…Popular among female fans in the country

On the 4th, a YouTuber posted a video titled “Feeling Cho Kyu-sung’s Popularity in Denmark” and delivered a review of Cho Kyu-sung’s game.

While local fans were cheering enthusiastically, Mitwilan players, who were warming up, came to the cheering section one by one and led the cheering chants.

When the fans shouted “Jo! Jo! Jo Kyu-sung! Jo! Jo! Jo! Jo Kyu-sung!” Cho Kyu-sung, who came close, clapped and shouted “Oh~~~~~~~~” and went back to his seat.

The game ended with a 2-0 victory for Mit Whelan. Cho Kyu-sung and other players came to the cheering section, sang the cheering song with the fans, and finished the game.

Outside the stadium, fans waited for Mitwilan players to leave work. A local female fan said in Korean, ‘Let’s do mine, Cho Kyu-sung. Cho Kyu-sung’s local popularity was realized by holding a paper that said, ‘How about a Danish woman?’

When Cho Kyu-sung came out, people cheered, and Cho Kyu-sung approached the fans and shook hands one by one to take care of them. 카지노사이트 순위

Meanwhile, on the 26th of last month (local time), the Super League secretariat said Cho Kyu-sung was selected as the “Player of the Month” in September. It is the second time this season that Cho Kyu-sung has been selected as the “Player of the Month” since July.

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