Las Vegas Sportsbook Confused With College Football Score Correction

One of the hottest topics in Las Vegas sports books, the NFL season was college football game night. To be sure, beating Notre Dame in Michigan was an instant classic. But about two hours after Utah and Southern California ended, the score change caused a lot of confusion.

The game ended in a 17-14 victory for the Trojans. But around 10 p.m., the Pacific-12 Conference announced it was overwhelming game officials who refused to allow USC’s Torin Harris to touch down after a field goal attempt was blocked.

When Harris, a redshirt sophomore at Palo Verde High School, was speeding toward the end zone, some Trojans ran onto the field to celebrate, leading to penalties for unathletic behavior to negate the score. However, the Pac-12 announced that it should have been enforced as a dead-ball foul, changing the final score to 23-14, which was significant because USC dominated with nine ½ in eight ½ during the week.

“Unfortunately, we paid for most of our Saturday nights,” said Jay Corney, the Las Vegas Hilton sports book director. “We were paying 17-14 tickets and Utah tickets. After they changed their scores, we looked at our home rules.” 메이저 토토사이트

Konegei said Hilton stopped paying for Utah tickets and started cashing in at USC because USC’s house rules state that results should be determined at the event’s end date.

“If a score changes on race day, we have an obligation to recognize it,” Kornegei said. “If it’s the day after the race, we don’t recognize it. There are some variations to this particular rule.” Slightly different rules are also posted on other books, including MGM Resorts, where 17-14 is considered the final score.

“That’s all we pay for. We’re sticking to the original decision because according to our home rules, it’s an upside-down decision that we don’t recognize,” said Jay Rudd, MGM Sportsbook director. “It’s in our home rules in black and white. It has to be one or the other.”

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