After winning the Korean Series (KS) for the first time in 29 years, the LG Twins shared their joy at a unified championship ceremony. LG continued its celebration at the 2023 Baseball World Series at the LG Science Park Convergence Hall in Magok, Gangseo-gu, Seoul on Sunday. The event was attended by 160 people, including LG Group Chairman Koo Kwang-mo, the team’s owner, as well as group officials, players, and front office staf f.LG began the celebration by screening the championship video, introducing the players, handing over the championship trophy, and thanking manager Yoon Kyung-yup and captain Oh Ji-hwan. The celebration culminated with the appearance of Okinawan Awamori Shochu, which the late Chairman Koo Bon-moo personally prepared in 1995.

Chairman Koo Kwang-mo and LG CEO Cha Myung-seok personally poured the shochu and delivered it to the attendees, who then toasted with it.”I don’t think I’ve ever received so many congratulations in my life,” Koo Kwang-mo said in his toast, “and I’m sure our founding chairman (Koo Bon-moo) is watching from heaven and is looking at this occasion with great joy.”” Now our fans will no longer remember the number ‘1994’ (the previous KS championship year), but the number ‘2023’,” he said. “I hope that today’s members will be remembered forever in the hearts of our fans as we increase the number of joys. “The culmination of the championship ceremony was the Rolex watch presentation. Oh Ji-hwan, who won the KS Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, received a Rolex watch from Chairman Koo Kwang-mo that belonged to the late founder Koo Bon-moo. Oh held up his left arm and smiled broadly.

“I think this watch is a relic of our founding chairman,” he said, “and I hope to display it for many people to see.” Koo Kwang-mo responded, “Thank you again for your kindness,” and said, “We will display it meaningfully under the name of ‘Captain Oh Ji-hwan, Korean Series MVP.’ The late former chairman Koo Bon-moo, who had a deep love for the LG baseball team, personally purchased three barrels of Awamori shochu at the spring camp in Okinawa, Japan, after LG won the KS title in 1994, saying, “Let’s toast to the next championship with this liquor.”

In addition, during a business trip overseas in 1998, Koo purchased a Rolex watch worth 80 million won and gave it to the club, saying, “Give it to the KS MVP when we win the next championship .”The Rolex watch and Awamori shochu remained a mystery for more than 20 years, until Koo passed away in 2018.The Rolex watch and Awamori shochu, which belonged to former chairman Koo Bon-moo, found their owners this year after LG won the KS for the first time in 29 years. However, Oh Ji-hwan expressed his intention to donate the Rolex watch to LG Group, saying that he could not wear the former chairman’s memento himself, and Chairman Koo Kwang-mo accepted the offer .Meanwhile, Yeom Kyung-yup, who led LG to the title, said, “The desperation of the players and the strong support of the owner, the front office, and the group’s employees made it possible 슬롯게이밍 for us to achieve a unified victory.”

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