Lim Chan-kyu says unified victory is key for Choi Chi-bak

Lim Chan-kyu emphasizes that unified victory is crucial for Choi Chi-bak following the reversal drama of ‘FA misfortune’.

LG Twins’ Im Chan-kyu has written a ‘miraculous reversal drama’. But it remains to be seen if it will lead to a ‘super night’. That’s the cold reality of professional baseball.

On April 15, Lim started the season finale against the Doosan Bears and pitched 5⅔ innings of one-run ball to lead the team to a 5-2 victory. Thanks to him, LG was able to send off the Korean Series in style in front of their home fans, and he finished the regular season with a staggering 14 wins.

What a reversal. Im was eligible for free agency for the first time in his career after last season. However, he was unable to sign. He finished with a record of 6 wins and 11 losses. It was difficult for any team, let alone his original team LG, to give him a good deal for a player who was a five-time champion. Especially in the case of Im, he was a hard-hitting pitcher who represented the league when he was younger, but since he lost his velocity and started pitching with his fastball, his investment value decreased. Pitching and game management are other factors in evaluating a pitcher, but in the end, it’s all about velocity and durability.

However, his 14-3-1 record with a 3.42 ERA is a remarkable achievement. It’s safe to say that Im is responsible for 30% of LG’s regular season wins this season. In the beginning of the season, the team could have faltered due to injuries and sluggishness of domestic starters, but Im played an unexpected role as a “homegrown ace” and became a pillar of strength. Coach Yeom Kyung-yup also praised him, saying, “His role was huge.”

For now, Im’s ‘free agent’ adventure is shaping up to be a huge success. It’s still hard to say how much he’ll get paid, but it’s a huge step up in status from last winter. No team will take a 14-win pitcher lightly.

But free agency is a cold market. Players want to get paid, and teams want to make the most efficient investment possible. 온라인카지노 Free agency is an investment in the future. It’s not about rewarding Im for winning 14 games. It’s based on whether he can continue to perform like this for years to come.

In order for his price to rise, there has to be interest from other teams. When there is competition, the market price goes up. It remains to be seen whether other teams will be interested in the LG-colored, non-power pitcher.

Another variable is the overall championship. LG is looking to win its first Korean Series title in 29 years. If they do, they’ll have a very favorable contract situation. Winning the championship will give them a reason to keep the team, and money will flow. Free agency is an investment in the future, but winning a championship is a different story. It changes the atmosphere of recognition.

LG is generous in its treatment of franchise stars. Last year, they gave Oh Ji-hwan a staggering 12.4 billion won in a non-free agent multi-year contract. Im Chan-gyu is another franchise player who is loved by LG fans. Here’s what we can expect from him.

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