“Lim Hye-dong, Kim Ha-sung Go to Casino with Money and Buy Cars and Luxury Goods”… Other Big Leaguer Threats

While Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres), a professional baseball player playing in the U.S. Major League, is engaged in a truth battle with Lim Hye-dong (27), a junior baseball player when he was with the Nexen Heroes, Lim Hye-dong has been living a luxurious life with the money he received from Kim Ha-sung. In addition, Lim Hye-dong is said to have received money from other big leaguers in the same way.

On the 11th, Dispatch released a Kakao Talk message that Lim Hye-dong had with Kim Ha-sung and acquaintances. According to the disclosed conversation, Lim Hye-dong was a special brother and sister to Kim Ha-sung. In addition, Lim Hye-dong actively appealed to Kim Ha-sung that he wanted to go to the U.S. together. 메이저 토토사이트

In July 2020, Kim Ha-sung arranged Lim Hye-dong’s joining test, and Lim Hye-dong said, “I’m always grateful that you helped me play baseball.” In addition, Kim Ha-sung paid Lim Hye-dong a few times between October and December 2020 by sending him a taxi fee because he was worried about his younger brother who was drinking.

On the last day of 2020, Lim Hye-dong sent a long New Year’s greeting to Kim Ha-sung, saying, “Let’s achieve the American dream together.” Later, in February 2021, Kim Ha-sung spent his own money and took Lim Hye-dong to the U.S. as a manager. His monthly salary was 3 million won, and he paid for his meal separately by giving him a metal card.

However, Lim Hye-dong’s American Dream came to an end in about 50 days. He returned home in April, and in May, he told Kim Ha-sung that his father had collapsed.

This month, Lim Hye-dong started disclosing the rumors and claimed that she slept on the sofa for two months in the U.S. However, according to Kim Ha-sung, there were four Kim Ha-sung, interpreter, agent, and Lim Hye-dong. “I couldn’t find a house in a hurry because I couldn’t guarantee to join the big league,” Kim Ha-sung said. “I asked him to bear the inconvenience even if it was uncomfortable.”

Unable to find a hotel, they stayed at a hotel more than 20 minutes away from the camp. “As a professional player, Kim used a room alone, and interpreter and agent team leader slept on the same bed,” Kim said. “So Lim slept on the sofa bed in the living room.” The sofa Lim used was a bed that she could use as a bed.

In addition, Lim Hye-dong complained of pain, saying, “I have never slept in the United States for more than four hours,” but according to the conversation between Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong, Lim Hye-dong enjoyed personal time, including using a hotel swimming pool during Kim Ha-sung’s exercise time.

“When I was driving, (Kim Ha-sung) hit me in the back of the head and slapped me. This is too ordinary,” Kim Ha-sung said. “I got my driver’s license in September 2020 and went to the U.S. in February 2021,” Kim Ha-sung said. “I didn’t drive much because Lim Hye-dong was a novice driver. Kim Ha-sung or the agent drove more.”

The drinking session that led to Lim Hye-dong’s demand for a settlement, claiming that he was assaulted by Kim Ha-sung, was in February 2021, when gatherings of more than five people were banned due to COVID-19. At that time, Kim Ha-sung drank with more than five people, including Lim Hye-dong and other baseball players.

According to Kim Ha-sung, Lim Hye-dong said, “I will report it to the police and the Military Manpower Administration and inform the media. I won’t let Kim Ha-sung play baseball in the U.S. I called the Military Manpower Administration and they said if Kim Ha-sung is punished, he should join the military. Let’s see if I have a lot to lose or if Kim Ha-sung has a lot to lose. Kim Ha-sung threatened his agency, saying, “I’m a person who will make tens of billions of dollars in the Major League in the future, and I think I’ll be rewarded with about 1 billion won.”

Regarding Lim Hye-dong’s claim that he was assaulted by Kim Ha-sung, a baseball player who was with him at the drinking party that day, said, “There was a physical fight, and they were pushing each other. Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong left for the U.S. together the day after the drinking party, and who would swing their fists ahead of their advance to the big league?” He also testified, “After the drinking party that day, I went to a sauna. Lim Hye-dong apologized and the two went to the U.S. the next day.”

Regarding Kim Ha-sung’s giving a total of 400 million won to Lim Hye-dong, 200 million won in 2021 and 2022, Kim Ha-sung said, “The unilateral assault was not true, but the violation of the quarantine law was true,” adding, “I was scared to find out the truth at the time. I’m sorry.”

Lim showed off her luxuriousness with the money she received from Kim Ha-sung to social media and acquaintances. “She changed cars, went to casinos, and bought luxury bags. I thought she really got paid,” she said, revealing her Kakao Talk message conversation with Lim.

Lim Hye-dong bragged by sending B a photo that he took at the casino. He also bragged about buying a luxury bag.

Im Hye-dong is also said to have threatened another big leaguer this year to receive the money. The exact amount is not known.

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