Macau Aggressive to Eradicate Illegal Gambling

In addition to waiving punishment for whistleblowers, the new law will allow authorities to search for potential witnesses or suspects’ properties at night. Since many illegal gambling businesses operate at night, the provision will make it easier to eliminate more unlicensed gambling businesses.

In addition, Macau must amend its Criminal Procedure Law before implementing detention extension measures. According to Chan Chak Mo, only crimes punishable by imprisonment of more than eight years will be subject to detention extension.

The issue came after Alvin Chau, the controversial president of the Sun City junket, tried to argue that the detention period of certain people in the Sun City case had already expired. His plea was ignored and his detention was extended. 경마

Meanwhile, Macau’s gambling industry continues to recover on the back of strong performance in the mass market sector. The gambling hub’s industry has been badly hit by the pandemic, sparking concerns about a potential recovery.

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