Man Stealing $1.5 Million Chip From Bellagio

Gambling chips stolen in a brazen armed robbery at Bellagio on Tuesday morning could total $1.5 million, but the person who stole them will have a hard time cashing in. David Schwartz, director of game research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, said that turning them into money would be very difficult. In particular, the $25,000 chips that are being closely monitored at casinos, with very little to no distribution.

“You can’t think of any way you can,” Schwartz said. “They’re not currencies that you can use everywhere. Stealing so many chips in such a big, dramatic way would have a lot of scrutiny at the casino, and that makes it very difficult to monetize.” Las Vegas police say it happened at 3:50 a.m. on Tuesday when a man parked his latest black sports motorcycle at the entrance of a valet north of Bellagio.

The man entered the casino wearing a white front motorcycle helmet and leather jacket. He approached a nearby Crabbs table and asked for money, received the money, and left the casino. Police say the man went west on Flamingo Road on a motorcycle. No one was hurt and no shots were fired, Lt. Clint Nichols said. The man did not receive money from the casino guests and was in the casino for only two to three minutes. 메이저 토토사이트

“He parked, walked in, robbed and left,” he said. Nichols said security officers did not try to stop the man with a handgun. He said a casino employee called 911 even before the man left the casino. “They had full staff, they were working fast,” he said.

Nichols said the man took between $25,000 and $100 worth of chips, which he stuffed in his backpack before jogging outside. Nichols agreed that chips were difficult to cash in because of industry safety, but he said he could not reveal them.

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