“Mbappe, we need LEE!” PSG Mbappe’s central movement, Enrique’s ‘kill top’ test run. Local media “Enrique’s Mbappe prefers LEE combination”

PSG beat Nantes 2-1 in the 15th round home game of the 2023-2024 League 1 held in Paris, France on Thursday (Korea time). It has won eight consecutive league games.

Lee Kang-in and Mbappe’s teamwork was still good. A counterattack chance in the 16th minute of the first half. Lee Kang-in connected a sharp forward pass. Mbappe had a chance. However, he failed to score.

Lee Kang-in displayed impressive performance on the day by playing three-top with Mbappe and Barcola. He got a 7.0 rating on Huscore Dotcom. The third highest score in his team.

Recently, PSG is trying to change its offensive position. Mbappe, who was playing as a winger, moved to the center for now.

Lee Kang-in stepped up as a winger. When Mbappe and Usman Dembele play as left and right wingers, Lee Kang-in works as a midfielder in the form of Methela. Local media argue that “fake No. 9 tactics should be considered. Putting Lee Kang-in in the center and working with Mbappe is the best way to maximize PSG’s attack.” 스포츠토토

There is a basis. Lee Kang-in has a fantastic spatial pass due to de-pressure of his main specialty. If Mbappe, who is good at penetration in the first and second lines, receives a pass, there are many chances for counterattack. There are so many chances to score.

Mbappe, the world’s best striker, knows Lee Kang-in’s true value animalically. When he plays with him, he creates many scenes that are most comfortable and powerful.

Gonzalo Hamus and Randall Colo Muani were central strikers in the transfer market this summer, but they were sluggish at the beginning of the season. There was not much synergy with Mbappe.

French media Le10 Sport magazine said, “Luis Enrique is making adjustments to his offense. The two center forwards Gonzalo Hamus and Randall Collo Muani, who were recruited during the summer transfer window, are struggling. They considered placing Kylian Mbappe at the forefront.” In the end, they put it into action.

France’s L’Equipe magazine said, “Luis Enrique likes to use strikers to increase the number of opposing defenders in a 3-3-4 formation. In the end, he wants to play in harmony with Lee Kang-in and Mbappe in the match against Reims.”

Eventually, Mbappe moved to the center on the day. It was half success. The team won. However, in order to win the European Champions League, which PSG aspires to, it needs to be closer to completion. Lee Kang-in is increasingly solidifying his position in the team at PSG.

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