Munich Can You Handle Strange Choices… World’s Best Fullback and Sumi Releasing Worries

Reporter Florian Flettenberg, who is considered German intelligence-savvy while working in “Sky Sports” in Germany, reported on his personal SNS on the 12th (Korea time) that “Davies and Munich’s negotiations over renewal beyond 2025 continue to be complicated.”

“Davis is asking for 10 to 13 million euros in annual salary (about 142 to 18.5 billion won). At this stage, Munich is not satisfied with Davis’ performance over the past few months, so there is no intention to offer him that level of annual salary,” he added.

Davis is considered the world’s best left-handed pullback, but Munich does not seem to agree internally. Born in 2000, Davis can play for more than 10 years, but Munich is reluctant to renew his contract. It is not like Davis is asking for an excessive amount of annual salary.

Even the maximum value of 13 million euros is only the seventh in his team. This means that he is asking for a double of his current salary. It would be difficult to recruit a player this big after releasing Davis, but Munich seems to be thinking completely differently.

“If it becomes clear that Davis does not meet the conditions set by Munich, he will be a candidate for sale in the summer,” Flettenberg said. “Real Madrid want to come to Alfonso.”

Another candidate for release is Joshua Kimmich. “The future of Kimmich, Leon Goretzka, Davis and Serge Gnabry in Munich is at stake,” the German Sport Bild said on Wednesday.

“The Munich leadership openly believes that Kim Mi-hee can play an important role in the team. However, Kim’s performance does not justify signing a new contract, which is estimated to be 20 million euros in annual salary,” the media said. 사설 토토사이트

Kimmich is also considered one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. He is a versatile player who can even play right full-back. He is also loyal to Munich, but his position has not been as solid as before since Thomas Tuchel took the helm. It is true that Kimmich’s performance has deteriorated as well. Munich says that if Kimmich does not play well enough to receive a high-level contract renewal, he may find a new player.

“Munich has shown interest in Real Sociedad’s Martin Subimendi, and has watched several defensive midfielders,” Sport Bild said. “If Munich wants a replacement, it should sell Kimmich next summer.” Attention is focusing on whether Munich will sell two world-class players next summer and proceed with an unprecedented recruitment like Harry Kane.

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