NewJeans receives knife attack threats online; police investigating

K-pop girl group NewJeans / Courtesy of Ador

A threatening post targeting the girl group NewJeans has caused a stir on an online community, prompting their agency, Ador, to take swift action and report the case to the police.

An Ador official said on Tuesday, “We are currently preparing enhanced safety measures with their Japanese concert management agency. Simultaneously, in Korea, the police are investigating, and we are actively cooperating with the investigation. We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our artists.”

A netizen posted a photo of a knife in an online community, along with a threat saying, “When NewJeans get out of the van, I’ll give each of them a stab.”

Fans expressed their concerns, and one fan reported the incident to the National Police Agency’s public petition board.

The police are now investigating the case with the agency. The threatening post has since been deleted, but public outrage continues.

Meanwhile, Ador is actively working to protect its artists. The agency maintains a firm stance on taking legal action against malicious slander, the spread of false information and defamation related to NewJeans and their content.

NewJeans is now in Japan for their debut promotion. On June 26-27, they will hold “Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome” at the Tokyo Dome. 토토 The fan meeting will begin with an opening DJ performance, followed by NewJeans performing over 20 hit songs during a 150-minute set.

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