Oklahoma Joint Commission Rejects Two Tribes Agreement Over Concerns Over Casino Spread

On October 25, 2023, Gov. Kevin Stitt’s request to approve two game contracts with two indigenous countries was rejected by the state tribal relations joint commission as the commission determined it could lead to the spread of gaming facilities in Oklahoma County.

According to reports, Trevor Pemberton, the governor’s legal adviser, told the committee’s 10 members that Oklahoma’s tax revenue would increase due to the deal struck by Governor Steit, Kitua, Band and Kialidge Tribal Town in 2020. Pamberton also said the state should allow different types of games to be included in the Model Compact plan to benefit from the process. “It will be a big win for the state of Oklahoma to advance this agreement on a financial basis,” he said.

Governor Steit reportedly called the contracts a good deal under the statement, questioning lawmakers’ positions on the deal. He reportedly said, “I don’t understand. Why these people can’t play games and others can. They are recognized by the federal government. Most Oklahomans think that if 20 different tribes in Oklahoma can play games, they don’t allow or understand why this tribe can’t play games. That’s what scratches my head on me.”

But the commission questioned a deal that would likely allow tribal casinos within the state’s most populous county, even if approved by federal regulators. House Majority Leader John Echols reportedly said he was “extremely concerned about the expansion of Carte Blanche into Oak Mount County, and I’m concerned that this is the result of it.” 슬롯머신사이트

The debate also included a disallowed letter the committee received from Attorney General Gentner Drummond and Pemberton’s denial of Drummond’s claim that the Oklahoma Supreme Court had already rejected the deal. According to a report in Oklahoma, Pemberton argued that the deal could be valid if the committee approved the deal. “What [the Supreme Court] has said is that the compact contains different conditions than the model game compact, so it has to be submitted to the Joint Committee,” he was quoted as saying

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