After four years of construction, the Olympic Hall in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, a sports heritage site, has been reborn as a unified headquarters for Korea’s sports organizations.The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Agency held a ceremony to reopen the Olympic Hall on June 6, marking a new beginning for the venue as a key hub for K-Sports.The ceremony was attended by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yoo In-chon, Chairman of the National Assembly Committee on Culture, Sports and Tourism Lee Sang-heon (Democratic Party of Korea), Representative Bae Hyun-jin of the People’s Power, Chairman Cho Hyun-jae of the Korea Sports Promotion Agency, President Lee Ki-heung of the Korea Sports Federation, and President Jeong Jin-wan of the Korea Disabled Sports Federation.

Built in 1986, the Olympic Hall is a sports cultural heritage that was used as an office by the 1988 Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee. After the Games, it was used by sports organizations such as the Korea Sports Promotion Agency and the Korea Sports Federation.In 2019, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Agency broke ground on the remodeling of the main building and the construction of a new wing, with a total project cost of KRW 172.9 billion, to preserve the historicity of the Olympic Hall and create a unified headquarters for sports organizations scattered in and around the Olympic Park.

After completion in November, the Olympic Hall was reborn with a 14-story main building and a four-story new building.With the reopening, the Korea Paralympic Sports Federation, which had been housed outside the Olympic Hall, relocated its offices, making the Olympic Hall the official headquarters of Korean sports.The main building and the new building will be home to 61 sports and other sports organizations, including the Korea Sports Promotion Agency, the Korea Sports Federation, the Korea Para Sports Federation, 48 organizations under the Korea Sports Council, and 18 organizations under the Para Sports Federation, and will be 온라인카지노 completed by the end of this month.

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