Osmar, who was sent off to FC Seoul with tears, to local rival Seoul E-Land

Osmar is a legendary K-League player who scored 22 points and 12 assists in 282 K-League games. He played full-time in all games in the 2015 season and was named the best 11 in the league in 2016, establishing himself as a legendary foreign player representing the K-League.

Osmar, who can play both defensive midfielder and center back, is considered to have smart game management and pass ability. Last season, he played in 35 games, showing his performance as a steel king.

Osmar, who played for FC Seoul for nine seasons from 2014 to last season except 2018, left with a goodbye call from Seoul fans when he left for Incheon International Airport after signing a contract with Seoul on December 22 last year.

However, he returned to his local rival, Seoul E-Land, less than 20 days after leaving the country. 파워볼게임

At the very least, since it is Seoul E-Land in K League 2, which is different from FC Seoul, there is nothing to encounter, but it is undeniable that they have become subtle relationships.

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