Park Ji-sung Dismisses Possibility Of Running for General Election… “Politicians? Never imagined”

Park Ji-sung clearly expressed his intention after being asked related questions in an interview immediately after the JS Foundation’s “12th JS Foundation Talent Student Fund Delivery Ceremony,” which he chairs at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 14th.

Earlier on the 11th, several newspapers, including a local newsletter and Gyeongin local newspaper, reported that the ruling party, People’s Power, is considering nominating Park for a Suwon constituency as an idea. Although Park was born in Seoul, he spent his youth in Suwon, graduated from Suwon Technical High School, and his JS Foundation office is located in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon. It is true that he has deep ties with Suwon.

However, Park himself strongly denied the report. Furthermore, he hoped that there would be no suggestion from the political circle.”

When asked about running for the general election, Park Ji-sung said, “Because I have no intention at all, I was a little surprised that it came up when I came to Korea for work because my residence is not yet in Korea,” adding, “But I personally think it won’t happen.” He denied it by even using his unique speech method. 온라인경마

Since moving to Manchester United of the English Premier League in 2005, Park has been living in and out of Korea, Europe, especially the U.K. This means that he is not in a situation where he can continue to stay in Suwon and do something.

Park Ji-sung then emphasized once again that there is no meaning in politics even if the proposal is made. When asked if he would not make a proposal in the future, Park Ji-sung said, “Yes,” and laughed, “I hope he won’t make an offer in the future because I’ve never imagined becoming a politician and I don’t feel the need to imagine it at all.”

The soccer and sports circles are also saying that if Park doesn’t want to, the political circle should not mention his candidacy first. Park Ji-sung, who delighted the people with his performances at the World Cup and Manchester United, believes that the country should support him to contribute to soccer and sports in the future. On the other hand, the people’s power has also denied that it has reviewed the rumors of Park Ji-sung’s recruitment.

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