Pascua Yaqui Plans To Build Casino In Tucson

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe, a federally recognized Yaqui Tribe based in Arizona, has publicly announced its intention to build a new casino in the city of Tucson, Arizona, which is closer to the city center than any other local gaming facility.

Under the terms of the new gaming agreement between Arizona State and the 22 tribes, the Pascua Yaqui Tribe has plans for a new Tucson casino, as it has been authorized to have one more casino in addition to the two currently under its jurisdiction.

Congressional legislation gave Pascua Yaqui permission to use the land near the old cinema building, which has been closed for years, and the building located near Grant, near I-10.

The tribe can now build a new casino because they legally own the land.

In addition, Grant, near the I-10 location, is closest to downtown Tucson, making the new casino the closest to the city center, ultimately making it more visible to players throughout the city.

However, no specific plans have yet been made for the expected number of customers or new jobs.

The Blended Ground coffee shop, located in Grant and Fairview near the casino site, is expected to boom when the casino opens.

In a related development, Amy Prillaman, manager of the Blended Grounds coffee shop, said, “We’re a major family here and we just love the community in general. Therefore, I think the opportunity to expand our customer base is another opportunity that not only affects the Tucson community, but also positively affects casinos. So I’m looking at it as a partnership in making it, and maybe something beautiful will happen soon.” 슬롯머신

Michael Gaimon, President and CEO of Tucson Metro Chamber, said, “A large chunk of toilet paper can drag down an area, but when a big new business starts, it’s a powerful impetus for the whole area.

“You bring activity back to those big properties, and as you just said, there are employees, but a lot of people who have historically not been employed in the area are driving into the area. Well, I think some property owners and some businesses recognize that and they will invest and put new businesses into the area.”

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